AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

Final testing and Conclusion


AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

Our SuperPi runs show that the 905e is a bit faster than the 940 in this specific test, this far it has been a mix of performances from the 905e.


AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

We used Winrar to unpack a 685mb file to see which processor is the fastest, of course the rest of the setup is the same when testing these processors. The 905e did very well and unpacked the whole thing in 40sec with a SSD drive.


AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

As you can see on the graph we were able to push this cpu quite far with some air cooling, to maintain the processor stable at 270FSB we ran it at 1.425V Vcore. The processor runs at stock at 2.5GHz and when were done we had ~3.5GHz on the screen.

This is the best overclocking cpu I have seen for awhile from AMD and you can clearly see the thermal power difference, this 905e runs at 65W while the 955 runs at 125W. The difference is quite huge in heat and therefore we were able to get the cpu as high just on aircooling.


This processor sells for around 180$ which is a very low price for the performance you get. I have been saying this before and I will say it again, AMD is on a comeback streak. They have been producing processors for a low price and great performance lately and I believe they have caught up with Intel slowly even though they are not yet there. This cpu runs very cool and requires less power than most on the market, a thermal power of 65W is half compared to the 955 cpu. It overclocked extremely well with minor tweaks and the price is great so I can’t more than recommend this cpu as the graphs and tests have shown.

+ 65W
+ Overclockes well
+ Stable
+ Well priced

– Stock speed if any!

AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

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