Amd A8-3870 FM1 CPU

Low power usage, Radeon HD6550 and a price at 140$? What am I talking about? Well the AMD Llano A8-3870 cpu that we are going to review today, we are going to compare this what looks like a very competent cpu towards the Bulldozer.

About AMD:

Read more about AMD on their website,


Series: A-Series APU (CPU + GPU)
L2 Cache: 4MB
Manufacturing Tech: 32 nm
64 bit Support: Yes
Cooling Device:  Heatsink and Fan included
Virtualization Technology Support: Yes

The Product:

Amd A8-3870 FM1 Cpu Amd A8-3870 FM1 Cpu
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The cpu’s that we are reviewing comes packed in these green trays, when you buy this from a store you will most likely get a cpu cooler along with it.

You can pick this cpu up from places like Newegg and Amazon for decent prices.

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