AMD A8-3850 CPU review


In SuperPi we run the 8M run to really see a performance difference and we can see that the A8-3870 actually is about 8 seconds faster but if this overclocks well we should see similar speeds.


We were not able to raise this to more than 105 from the stock 100 which means that there is really no point to share any overclock results, I read that these can be very hard to overclock in some cases and even having an external videocard will break the overclock but our sample was a lost cause unfortunately.


Well as we noticed we were not able to overclock this unit at all really. A few MHz was all we could push out of our sample, this doesn’t mean however that this model does not overclock at all because I have seen some nice results on other sites. The issue was that our sample just locks up immediately..

I could see getting this CPU if you want to get an inexpensive rig or perhaps put it in a HTPC. It has enough power to run games at low resolutions and also HD quality movies so that’s why I’m thinking it would suit well for a HTPC with its low power usage.

+ Price/Performance
+ Stability


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