AMD A8-3850 CPU review

Sisoft Sandra 2012, Cpu Multimedia:

This test tests how the CPU handles multimedia instructions. Higher results are better and here we see a difference on both these CPU’s.  The 3870 sells for 10$ less so this far the 3870 seems like a better choice.

Sisoft Sandra 2012, Cpu Multicore:

The bandwidth should be as high as possible and here we see a higher bandwidth on the A8-3850. The latency on the other hand should be as low as possible and here once again the 3850 actually performs better. This benchmark tests how the CPU handles its cores.

Pcmark 7:

In Pcmark we ended up with a total score and a computation score. The total score was a bit lower as expected on the 3850 while the computation score was actually higher than on the 3870.

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