AMD A8-3850 CPU review

Today we are taking a look at a A8-3850 CPU from AMD, this cpu runs on the FM1 socket and seems  to be well suited for surfing the computer, lighter games,  or even a HTPC setup.

Lets find out what type of performance we can get out of this compared to the more expensive A8-3870 CPU that we reviewed earlier.

About AMD:

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Model A8-3850

Radeon™ Brand HD 6550D

CPU Clock Speed 2.9GHz

CPU Cores on Die 4 cores

TDP 100W

Total L2 Cache 4MB

Radeon™ Cores on Die1 400

GPU Clock Speed 600 MHz

DIRECTX® Version 11


DDR3 Speed 1866

The Product:

AMD A8-3850 CPU AMD A8-3850 CPU
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This CPU is no different that most of the ones you get from AMD, we got the tray version which means we get the unit in this little green tray.

You can read on top of the the CPU which model is it more exact, lets get on with the testing.


AMD A8-3850 CPU
MSI A75MA-G55 Motherboard
Patriort TorqX SSD
Sapphire 7770 GPU
A-Data 4GB DDR3

Testing is done with the following software, Sisoft Sandra 2012, Pcmark7 and SuperPi. Overclocking is done by tweaking in bios.

Sisoft Sandra 2012, Cpu Arithmetic:

The CPU Arithmetic benchmarks the arithmetic and floating point performance of the processor.

Here we see that the the 3870 is faster due to its higher score in this test.

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