Albatron Px915g Pro Socket 775 motherboard

Further testing

Date 2004-07-28
Provider: Albatron
Author: Niko Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala

Albatron Px915g Pro Socket 775 motherboard

Sisoft Sandra 2004 CPU arithmetic:

In cpu handling the AMD64 system is at it again. Seems like the Socket 775 is not performing to it’s full potential?

Sisoft Sandra 2004 CPU multimedia:

Handling the multimedia this board really is faster than the Chaintech one, however these numbers just don’t really make sense. Let’s have a look at HDspeed and see how it performs.


Well here we have the old XP system as the winner of this test. Seems to me like the new Intel boards boards are not fully ready to be used yet. After discussing with other people also I think that the new Intel board has the future ahead of it. It performs very well and we have to remember that the AMD64 system did have a “400” mhz faster cpu.


It’s time to check out the bios and the settings which are available for use.

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This bios is not the standard blue one but it’s still a Phoenix bios but in grey this time 🙂 After looking around in general I have found tons of different settings. On the first picture we have the main screen with the harddrive settings for example. On the right picture we can find the advanced chipset menu where you can set memory timings.

Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures

On the left we have the important voltage/frequency menu and here you should notice the NB voltage which is according to Albatron supposed to raise the overclocking possibilites. The right picture shows the hardware monitor menu which you might take a look in from time to time to see that everything is working properly.

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