Albatron 7300Gt Videocard



Intel P4 2,8 GHz
Gigabyte 819 DUO Pro
Supertalent 2Gb ram kit
Palit X300 video card
Maxtor 40 GB HDD
Zalman 500W PSU

Testing was done with the following software, 3dmark2005, 3dmark2006, Farcry, Doom3, Call of Duty 2 and Aquamark 3.

This far we have done tests with 3dmark2005. It is time for us to try out the VERY high demanding 3dmark2006 software. We also have several game test results to present to you.

Call of Duty 2:

I think everyone knows Call of Duty by now and we have the number 2 as one of our benchmarking games. We can see here that this Albatron card performs very well even in this game. I have not found a price for this card yet but I personally think that it’s around 100-120$USD so it does not perform bad for this type of money.


Since this card has a fanless heatsink only as a cooling device our expectations were not high as they tend to heat up to much to overclock well. Anyways we used Nvidias own overclocking software that comes with the drivers, the core starts at only 400mhz but we were able to get it up to 490 mhz without any problems. 495mhz was a problem though, we had crashes due to heat. The memory is always the more interesting part and it relly boosts the card a bit more if you are able to overclock it. The memory also starts at 400mhz and we ended up with 480 mhz which was about the same as the core, this was not bad at all to be honest. We ran these settings for awhile and did not get any artifacts or lockups in any of the testing software we used.


This is a cheap card that sells for about 100$USD which is very cheap though for the performance you get. I was suspicious about the card when I got it but the test results have convinced me that the card can perform very well for the actual money you pay for it. It does not perform as well as a X1600 card but it’s quite close and it cost half the money compared to the X1600. If you plan to use this for gaming and you game alot I would recommend you to have a few casefans to be able to transport the hot air out of the case or this card might overheat. It’s a great choice for a HTPC system for example as it’s cheap and quiet. I think Albatron has made a good choice in releasing this card due to its performance and price and we want to give this 4 out of 5 and our recommendations.


+ Cheap
+ Good price/performance ratio
+ Well packed
+ No fan so its quiet


– Might overheat if you dont have case fans

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