Aerocool Xpredator case

Aerocool Xpredator case front

The front of the case is very clean which gives it an exclusive look, thus far I have nothing to complain about really.

Aerocool Xpredator case pci slots

Installing videocards or addon cards is quite easy since no tools are needed, you just snap the lock down and it holds the card in place.

Aerocool Xpredator case cable managment

Something I found quite awesome with this case is the cable handling features, you can hide the cables behind the motherboard tray through all these holes that have been placed on the motherboard tray. The tray is not removable by the way.

Aerocool Xpredator case inside

In front of the PSU they have placed a fan slot that also has a preinstalled fan filter.


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  1. A Person on the Internet says

    Hello, I have an evga 500w psu ready for my next case. I am trying to find out if it will fit in the psu slot. Please help me, Thank You

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