Acoustifan Case Fans


When you get into building silent/HTPC PCs, you�ll find that case fan noise is a major contributor to the system�s noise.Thankfully, manufacturers are starting to offer products that tailor to this market and have many of the features that lend themselves to silent PC, a large retailer of quiet PC computer cooling hardware, sent us one such case fan that they highly recommend:the Acoustifan made by Acousti Products.Will this fan to prove to be quiet yet high performing?That is the question we�re here to answer.

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Ultra-quiet operation
Premium build quality (you need to feel the quality of these fans!)
Triple speed (using the ‘3-speed’ fan cable accessory)
Sealed fan motor for dust-free operation & reduced noise
Multiple application (can be used for CPU/GPU or case cooling)
RPM-monitoring enabled
Reliable with a long life expectancy (over 6yrs @ 25�C!)
Start at lower voltages for near silent operation (min. 5VDC)
Unique rear ‘acoustic’ badge for added noise reduction
3-pin & 4-pin compatible (with 3-speed fan accessory cable)


We are committed to publishing accurate and truthful noise level data – taken directly from acoustic testing reports to recognised International Test Standards. At 1m distance in the average home/office environment noise levels below 10dBA will be difficult to discern above normal background noise levels.

Fan Start at 5V DC? Yes
Connector Type 3-pin (from m’board), OR 4-pin (from PSU) using 3-Speed Fan Cable
Life Expectancy (at 25�C) 60,000hrs (6.85yrs)
Included Accessories 3-Speed Fan Cable, 4 x Tie Wraps & 4 x Screws

Full Speed (12VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM �10% 13.7 21.9 19.9 28.0 56.3
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA 16.9 20.0 15.6 22.0 24.7
Fan Speed RPM** �10% 2,700 2,500 1,600 1,600 1,500
Medium Speed (approx. 7.5VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM �10% 9.4 14.0 11.7 17.4 41.5
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA Fan Safety Approval CE (Electromagnetic Compatibility
EN 6100-6-3 & 6100-6-1:2001)
Motor Protection Polarity Protection
Locked Rotor Protection
Auto Restart***

NOTES: * Where noise levels have been measured & calculated @1m distance below 10dBA we have quoted

Acoustifan Case Fans Acoustifan Case Fans
Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures sent us the Acostifan Case Fan in a well-packaged container with another product to review (coming soon!).The product arrived quickly and undamaged.The front of the package has a plain white design and provides a nice view of the fan, while the back offers some product highlights.As you can see, our sample can with 4 ultra-soft rubber case mounts, which are optional.

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