The Rbmods.com Team:

Niko Lupala
Editor-in-chief / Owner
Location: Sweden
Mail niko@rbmods.com
ICQ : 523848
MSN : niko@rbmods.com

Amber Lupala
Review editor / News poster
Location: Sweden
News: news@rbmods.com

Ville Ilonen
Location: Finland
Mail ville@rbmods.com
MSN : wodan@jippii.fi

Marijo Hadina
Location: Croatia
Mail marijo@rbmods.com


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Site Profile:
Rbmods was founded in 2002 but was already a hobby site in 2001 with personal information about the owners personal computers. In the year 2002 we started evolving into a bigger hardware review site when we started getting our first sponsors. In the first year we rapidly grew and had around 50 sponsors, now we are at a stage where we have almost 200 sponsors and we are quickly growing. We now employ more staff and are dedicated to the advancement in growth to this site. Our goal is to grow even further and make it as one of the finest and best quality mod sites on the internet. We have reviewed everything from Led fans to the latest hardware that had not even released on the market.

We are dedicated to keep bringing you news and reviews from our affiliate sites and our sponsors. There is alot planned for the future so stay tuned with us as we continue progressing into a bigger and even better hardware review site.

Site History:
2002 – Site was started
2003 – New design
2004 – New design, 2 working with site
2005 – More staff, now 3 people
2006 – New design
2007 – N/A
2008 – Dedicated Server, fourth staff member
2009 – New design and backend custom coded, 5 staff members
2011 – Moved to WordPress plattform and changed design

Site content and reviews consist of products provided by vendors and manufacturers. This is a great way for companies to promote their products through rbmods.com. If you would like to have your product reviewed or to become a permanent site sponsor, please e-mail niko@rbmods.com for details. All review products become property of Rbmods unless specified and will be used in future case mod projects or given away in contests, competitions, and giveaways, or sold to pay server space fees.

All articles, submissions, and suggestions are based upon the contributors personal experience only. Use of the information provided on this site is at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, people, or property based on information available from this site. All articles contributed to Rbmods become Rbmods property upon posting the review.

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