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Speedlink Ferret Gaming Mouse

Ferret Features On the move a lot? Miss the gaming setup at home? Speedlink has released a gaming mouse for when you are on the move. This means that mouse is mobile and a bit smaller than the standard gaming mouse on the market. My question is how well does a small mobile mouse work together […]

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Cougar A450 Power supply

Introduction & First looks Today we will take a look at the Cougar’s newest mainstream computer oriented power supply called A450. It is 450W supply with 120mm fan and reasonable price. Let’s see how well it performs. About Cougar: Please check their website for information regarding the company. Specifications & Features: – EXTREMELY HIGH EFFICIENCY […]

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ATI Radeon 6870 Videocard

6870 Specifications and Features Today we take a look at the 6870 card from ATI which is the fastest mid class card from ATI right now. We are going to see how it performs vs the 6870 and also vs a GTX470 card. What is the difference between the 6850 and 6870? About ATI/AMD: Read more […]

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Lian Li Pitstop T60 ATX / M-ATX Test Bench

Lian Li Pitstop T60 Features If you work with computers and use alot of various test setups this review will probably really come in handy for you. We are testing the Lian Li T60 testing case. This is a open case so you can easily swap parts and still be able to use a case. […]

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Spire Savit 6003 case

Intro & Specs It isn’t easy to choose a perfect home for our computer components because different people have different taste and needs. Indeed, there is no need to change the case as frequently as the rest of the PC components which advance much faster technologically. We may look for the case in several directions […]

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Nexus SM-7000B Silent Mouse

First look at the Nexus SM-7000B From it’s origins until today, the mouse has evolved in many different ways. For each application there seems to be a mouse you can purchase. In fact today we have one of those unique by application designed mouse to play with. The Nexus SM-7000B silent mouse is a unique […]

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LG W2340 23″ Monitor

W2340 Specifications and Features Today we take a look at the LG W2340 23″ LCD Monitor from This monitor boasts full HD native resolution, a 70000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI input, and something called “EZ Control.” Is this monitor worth the $180 asking price, or does it fall flat? Continue reading to find out! Please […]

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ATI Radeon 6850 Videocard

ATI 6850 Specifications AMD recently released two new mid range videocards on to the market, named 6850 and 6870. These seem to be a good bang for the buck cards and by that I mean you should get alot of performance for a small amount of money. Will I be right or wrong? Lets find out how […]

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