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Speedlink Pro USB Joystick + 99 best of C64 Classix®

Competition Pro USB Joystick Features Remember that old machine you used to play alot on in the mid 80´s to late 80´s? Commondre 64 was the big deal then with alot of famous games with superb gameplay and feeling in the games. Speedlink has taken advantage of this and reawaken the Commondore 64 games by […]

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Raidsonic IB-NAS6210

Introduction & Specifications We’ve reviewed quite a few raidsonic products over the past few years. Today we will take a look at their newest NAS-device IB-NAS6210 which has a gigabit ethernet interface and can act as a mediaserver. Let’s take a closer look and see how it performs against other NAS-devices we’ve reviewed in the […]

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Kodak EasyShare M341

Kodak EasyShare M341 Introduction Digital cameras have become the norm for almost all home consumers. While most of us do not have $2500 to drop on a Cannon EOS 5D DSLR, we can afford something better than the cameras built into our phones. Geeks offers cheap digital cameras so, today we are reviewing the Kodak […]

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Technocel T360 Bluetooth Headset

Technocel T360 Features Technocel is a new company that we have started to work with and today we are taking a look at their new headset named T360 that at first sight is the smallest Bluetooth headset that I have seen so far! We are going to compare it vs some other headsets we’ve got laying […]

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Jays Q-Jays Earphones

Q-jays features Today we are going to take a look at  a new set of earphones from Jays. Jays have been a leading earphone manufacturer for a few years now in Sweden and have started to also get a stand on markets all over the world. Todays review will be about their new Q-jays that […]

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Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU Cooler

Introduction Thermaltake has been putting out quality products since 1999. Thermaltake has had its hands in everything from CPU and GPU coolers to cases and power supplies. Today we will be looking at Thermaltake’s update to their SpinQ cooler: the SpinQ VT. Join us as we analyze the cooler and test how it performs. About […]

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GMC H-80 Case

Introduction Today we have GMC’s newest case up for review: the H-80. This case is designed for extreme cooling performance as well as striking aesthetics. The H-80 features a huge 250mm side intake fan as well as stealth drives. Please click thumbnails for larger pictures About GMC: “GM Corporation Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor […]

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