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Asrock X58 Extreme 3 Motherboard

Asrock X58 Specifications With the new X58 chipset on the market the S1366 seems to have to got another speed bost, we are today looking at the Asrock X58 Extreme 3 motherboard which is filled with some nice features. The queston is though will we see some performance difference compared to older S1366 boards? About […]

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Luxa2 H1-Touch Cell phone holder

H1-Touch Specifications With all these fancy cellphones on the market you want to make sure to protect them when they lay on the table, some might even want to show them off. Luxa2 has released a very exclusive looking cellphone holder that is supposed to hold everything from a Iphone to smaller Nokia phones, lets […]

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Zalman VF950 LED & Zalman VF770

Introduction & Specifications Many times there situations come about when you want to overclock your graphics cards and your old faithful cooler gets broken. Usually the only way to solve this is to buy a new third hand cooler. This time we will take a look at two mainstream GPU coolers from Zalman and compare them […]

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Asus SBC-06D1S-U External Bluray drive

SBC-06D1S-U Specifications Bluray has started taking over the market since late 2009 and more and more Bluray products have entered the market. Asus has kept up with the demand and   released an external Bluray player/writer for computers. We are going to test this new model out and see what we can get out of it […]

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Zaward Vapor 120 Cpu cooler

Specifcations and features Today we have the pleasure of having the new Zaward Vapor 120 on the test bench to review.  This seems to be a massive cooler with some decent specifications. We are going to see how well it performs and how loud it actually is. About Zaward: Zaward Corporation was founded in 1996 as […]

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Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit

Specifications We are going to look at a tri channel memory kit from Gskill today which we will compare vs a high performing Mushkin and Corsair kit. We are going to see what type of speeds we can expect at stock and also what we can do when it comes to overclocking. About Gskill: See […]

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Nexus RX-1.1K PSU

Introduction & specifications Nexus is one of the leading manufacturers of silent cooling systems and power supplies. We’ve had a chance to review quite a few of their products in the past and this time we will have a look at their newest, most powerful, power supply RX-1.1K. About Nexus: Check out their website, […]

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Luxa2 M1-Pro Laptop cooler

M1-Pro Specifications Luxa2 a sub division of Thermaltake makes more exclusive products than Thermaltake, they are slowly getting into the market and got some VERY nice cases but today we are looking at their fanless laptop cooler. This product is completely made out of aluminum with a  very exclusive look but it does lack fans so […]

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