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Roccat Arvo Gaming Keyboard

Features One accessory that is overlooked alot of times is the keyboard when it comes to gaming. Roccat sent us their new Compact Gaming Keyboard named Arvo. This is a extremely compact keyboard for gamers that might not have the space to keep a full size keyboard or they prefer to have alot of macro […]

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Asus EAH5750 Videocard

Features & Specs On todays testbench is a Asus 5750 videocard, this is a 140$ card that seems to really bring some bang for the buck performance wise according to the specifications. We are going to compare it vs some higher performance cards that we have looked at before; and also try to boost performance […]

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Introduction A few days ago we had the chance to check a new mini led digital projector from and were pleasantly surprised by the size of the unit. Besides its size it is also extremely light making it great for parties and small to medium size audio/visual presentations. About, headquartered in Oceanside, […]

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Moneual MonCaso 600 Case

Introduction Moneual’s usual set of features on their cases can include touch screen LCDs, front paenl knobs, stylish looks, and even remote controls. The Moneual MonCaso 600 is more of a mainstream case in that it is rather simple and featureless. About Moneual: Moneual Lab is a leading home entertainment system solution provider headquartered in […]

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Axle Geforce G210 Videocard

Features Axle is one of our new sponsors and today we are looking at our first sample from them; they sent us a Geforce G210 512DDR2 videocard that is mainly meant for HTPC setups. It comes with a HDMI port,  Nvidia Purevideo HD tech, and a bunch of nice features that come in handy when […]

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Ineo Technology I-NA312N1 NAS

Introduction Today we will take a look at a NAS device from Ineo Technology. I-NA312N1 features gigalan interface for fast transfer speeds as well as expandable features using compatible binary files. Let’s have a look how it performs in our tests. About Ineo Technology Inc: Check out their website at Based in USA , […]

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ATI 5450 512MB Videocard

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a HTPC aimed videocard from ATI. We got a sample of their brand new 5450 card that is a low profile card which should be able to play heavy HD material and also have the Eyeinfinity feature. So lets get started and have a closer look at how […]

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Mushkin PC3-12800 6GB Kit

Features Mushkin sent us a sample of their new DDR3 memory kit. We got a sample of their Tri channel kit with 3x2GB Ram kits at 12800 speed and 7-9-7-24 timings. What can we do with this kit and our Core i7 920 Cpu? Lets have a closer look. About Mushkin: Check out their website, […]

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AMD Athlon II X4 635

Introduction & specifications Today we will take a look at AMD:s newest consumer class quadcore processor, the AMD Athlon II X4 635. With Athlon II X4 series you get quadcore cpu for around 100$. Let’s see how this performs against Intel’s product priced in same range and how well it compares with a little more […]

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XClio Nighthawk Case

Introduction/Specifications Today we have a review with one of XClio’s mid tower cases, priced at $80. This case is targeted at both the average and the hardcore gamer, XClio attempts to hit multiple markets with their ‘Nighthawk’. The Nighthawk features support for up to 8 HDD’s using their unique ‘smart modulation system,’ and also supports […]

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