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Arctic Cooling Univeral USB Charger

Features and first look Today we are taking a look at a bit different product than normal, we got a couple of samples from Artic Cooling that we are going to look at today. They sent us their Universal USB chargers, a 1 port version and a 4 port version that we are going to […]

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NZXT Tempest EVO Case

Introduction & First Look NZXT has updated their Tempest case, now dubbed the Tempest EVO It is of course geared towards gamers and enthusiasts. NZXT claims that the Tempest EVO allows for expiation and compatibility with future hardware. About NZXT: NZXT, a company built upon gamer’s dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. […]

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X-Micro Stereo media phone (Bluetooth)

Introduction X-micro is a company that makes quality products in pretty much every aspect. You can find Bluetooth, mp3, Wlan etc… from them and they all are easy to use and high quality yet still affordable for the normal consumer. We have reviewed alot of their products in the past but today we have something […]

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Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a mouse from Steelseries, they sent us their latest gaming mouse named Xai. This mouse comes equipped with a small display on the bottom and it is also conveniently made for lboth eft and right handed users. A quick first look at the software shows an array of various features […]

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Asrock ION 330HT-BD Nettop

ON 330HT Specifications & Features Today we are taking a look at a very SMALL HTPC from Asrock, they sent us a sample of their ION 300HT-BD where the BD stands for a Bluray Drive so we can use Bluray on this small HTPC. It seems quite competetive towards its competitors with good features and very small […]

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Thrustmaster Ferrari Motors Gamepad F430

Introduction We’ve all heard about Ferrari, the very powerful and equally expensive racing car manufacturer off in Italy. Well, strangely enough, Ferrari has joined teams with Thrustmaster, a manufacturer of PC and console accessories to bring us their new Ferrari Motors Gamepad F430 Challenge Limited Edition. So, how does this gamepad differ from a regular […]

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ATI Radeon 5670 512MB Videocard

Features and first look ATI has released their latest DirectX 11 card so today we are taking a look at a 5670 that we recieved from ATI for testing, we are going to run it with both some DirectX10 and 11 tests and also see how it does in various benchmark programs, so stick around. About ATI: […]

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Patriot Box Office Media Player

Features HTPC is something that is getting into every house these days, but what if you don’t want a big computer by your TV? There are several small media players on the market that can stream the content to your TV so you don’t have to have a bulky computer hooked up to it. Patriot Box […]

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Patriot Gear Box Network Device

Introduction Many have or are looking at setting up a home server to store media files, backups, maybe even set an FTP server and print server. But for home use, a dedicated server for this use is really overkill. Sure, one can use excess hardware, or a previous main system as a server, but the extra […]

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Crucial M225 64GB 2.5″ SSD

Specifications and Features Today we are taking a look at a SSD drive from Crucial. We are going to test this drive out in both in normal daily usage and also in some benchmarks to really see what type of performance we can expect from it. About Crucial: Check out their website, Specifications: Technical […]

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