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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Introduction Logitech’s acclaimed G25 has been given a refresh in the form of the G27. Logitech claims to have addressed user’s issues with the G25. Let’s take a look at the G27’s new features. This is a gaming genre that has been predicted to fade away in the coming years by analysts, but Logitech has […]

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Enermax ECO80+ 620W SLI® PSU

First look at the PSU Today we are taking a look at a PSU from Enermax, a well known power supply manufacturer. We received  a sample of their ECO friendly 80+ and SLI certified PSU. This unit has 620W and should be quite silent if we look at the specifiations. Lets have a closer look at this unit and how it […]

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Xigmatek Nrp-Pc501 PSU

Features and Specifications Today we take a look at a product from Xigmatek, they have expanded quite a bit in the European regions and seem to get bigger and bigger with various products. We got a sample of their Nrp-Pc501 PSU that we are going to take a look at, we will compare it vs a high performing Enermax […]

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Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 Cpu

Specifications AMD has released several lower end cpu´s on to the market to compete with Intel. We are going to look at the Athlon 2 X2 245 cpu that sells for about 50$ which is one of the cheapest cpu´s on the market. We have decided to compare it in some tests vs a Intel 6300 […]

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Qpad 5K Mouse

Features and Specifications Qpad, known for superb high quality mousepads and recently also headphones have now released a mouse. I guess this comes quite natural since they have been in the market for a time, we are going to try out this new 5K mouse on their own mousepads to see how the mouse works […]

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Zalman MFC3 LCD Fan Controller

Introduction and Packaging Fans can be noisy and disturbing to a work environment, but we all know that stressing PC hardware provides excessive heat that can be damaging to the components.  Fan controllers come in handy to keep the noise in check during office work, but crank up the air when gaming.  RBMods reviews the […]

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Amd Athlon 2 X4 620 CPU

Specifications Today we are taking a look at a new Athlon 2 cpu from AMD. They have resurrected the Athlon name and made both dual and quad cores, we are looking at the quad core named 620 today that sells for around 90$. The question is what type of performance we can expect from these lower end cpu´s on the […]

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NZXT M59 Case

Introduction NZXT’s latest offering, the M59, is of course geared towards gamers. NZXT claims that the M59 combines superior airflow and sleek aesthetics with some excellent case building features to help speed along assembly and make upgrades a snap. Let’s take a deeper look. About NZXT: NZXT, a company built upon gamer’s dreams, hopes to […]

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I-Rocks Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse Combo RF-6572L Nano

Introduction Today we’re looking at a wireless keyboard and mouse offering from I-Rocks. This is an interesting product for those looking for a keyboard/mouse combo for their HTPC, or for those just looking for a decent wireless setup for their everyday computer to reduce some wire clutter. About I-Rocks From I-Rocks USA website: I-Rocks Technology […]

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Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro

Introduction & First look Arctic Cooling, one of the leading manufacturers of fans and coolers, provided us Alpine 64 Pro, their new valuecooler for AMD based computers. Let’s have a look how it compares against AMD’s stock cooler in home and overclocking use. About Arctic Cooling: ARCTIC COOLING is a privately owned company founded in […]

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