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i-Rocks Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

First Look at the i-Rocks Mechanical Keyboard If you are a long-time computer user, you might remember the days when IBM “clicky” keyboards were all the rage. These mechanical keyboards provided you with definite confirmation that keys were pressed with both a tactile and auditory response. This type of keyboard is seldom seen nowadays, having […]

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LaCie 2big External Network Attached Storage Hard Drive

First thoughts on the Lacie 2Big NAS Sharing files between computers can be a hassle, especially if you have a lot of music/photos/videos that consume a lot of disk space. But with hard drive failures still a regular occurrence, being able to store files offline is essential. Many people turn to network attached storage (NAS) […]

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Asus EAH4770 TOP Videocard

First look and specifications We are going to take a look at a brand new video card that sells for around 120$ and should perform similar to a 4850 video card. I´m sure you already figured out that we are going to review the 4770 card from Asus, we are going to compare it vs […]

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XTracPads Logic Mat

Our thoughts on the pads One majorly overlooked, yet critical element when it comes to a gaming rig is a mousepad. It doesn’t make the game run smoother or give it crisper details but it makes gaming alot easier. It improves tactile response and allows your movements to have more speed, comfort, and precision while […]

Corsair Voyager Port

First Toughts on the Port Today we are taking a look at a device that should make it easy for you to backup information onto your flashdrive. Corsair has developed the Voyager Port which allows you to plug your flash drive into the port and with one push of a button if will backup all […]

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Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R

First look at the Fusion 550R Arctic Cooling most known for their superb cpu coolers have released a power supply on to the market. If we look at the stats they promise alot, 82-86% efficiency, intelligent fan control and ultra quiet 80 mm fan. Knowing Arctic Cooling I know I should expect a superb product so […]

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i-Rocks Ultra Slim Cordless 1.5 Area keyboard

First thoughts on i-Rocks Ultra Slim Keyboard Looking for a keyboard with the feel and size of a laptop keyboard yet made for a desktop? i-Rocks, makers of a wide range of computer peripherals, has a number of keyboards on the market. Today we’ll take a look at the i-Rocks Slim Cordless 1.5 Area keyboard. […]

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Nexus Value 430 & RX-8500

Introduction & Value 430 Quiet yet powerful powersupplys are the keywords in todays computer market. Finding the right one for you might be a bit hard. Nexus provided us with two of their latest models, Value 430 which is 430W and more than enough for basic computer and RX-8500 which is 850W for high end […]

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Verbatim SecureDigital Class 6 32GB

Specifications Today we are going to take a look at a Verbatim SD memory card from Verbatim. This is a 32Gb SD card which is supposed to be a bit faster than stock cards. Verbatim is well known for their high class storage media like dvd´s and cd´s so it’s going to be interesting to see […]

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Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard

First thoughts Looking for an edge when it comes to PC gaming? Well, Xoxide, provider of a wide range of computer accessories, sent us one of the latest gaming keyboard, the Razer Arctosa. Razer is a well-known gaming product manufacturer that has produced many well-known gaming products such as the Razer Diamondback and Viper mice. […]

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