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Geeks Soyo Pearl 24″ LCD Monitor

First thoughts on the Soyo Pearl Monitor Sometimes it’s more important to choose a high-quality product that suits your needs rather than choosing the largest, more expensive one. Today, we will be testing that theory when we examine a monitor that sent us: the Soyo 24” Pearl LCD monitor. While other computer monitors out […]

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Asus VW266H Monitor

Fist look at the VW266H In need of a new monitor? Then take a closer look at this monitor with its 26 inches and full HD resolution! At first glance it seems to be a pretty nice monitor and knowing Asus their prices are not very high either which is always a plus. A HDMI […]

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NZXT Performance Power 800W PSU

First look at the product When choosing a power supply, it can be very hard to find one that excels in both home/office applications that need quiet operations while at the same time provided the raw power needed from a gaming power supply. NZXT, a manufacturer of a wide range of computer products, has produced […]

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Asus 4850 Matrix Videocard

Asus 4850 Specifications Today we are taking a look at the 4850 Matrix videocard from Asus that is very similar to the other 4850 cards Asus offers but this one comes with a lower clock frequency and hopefully a lower price. We are going to see how this card can handle high resolutions and also […]

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Hiyatek HY-CF-6288-1 Laptop cooler and stand

Our Toughts Laptops are used in many places. Some of us use laptops as their desktop replacements. Those laptops can get quite hot every now and then when using programs which use a lot CPU- and GPU-time. Hiyatek has provided us the solution for this. Hiyatek HY-CF-6288-1 2 in 1 laptop cooling pad & stand […]

Patriot Xporter Magnum USB Flash Drive

First look at the Xporter Magnum Today we are taking a look at a flash drive from Patriot. They have managed to boost their sticks up to 64GB now which makes them good for alot of projects so let´s have a look at what type of speeds we can expect. About Patriot: Check out their […]

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Coolmax V600 600W PSU

First Look at Coolmax V600 Deciding on a power supply can be a tough choice, with a wide range of suppliers and features for each unit. While power output is important, there are other factors such as efficiency, noise, and even looks that are equally as important. Today we’ll be looking at a 600W power […]

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AMD Phenom 2 940 CPU

First look at the Phenom 2 940 Today we are taking a look at AMD´s latest processor, the Phenom 2 940 Quad core Cpu. How will this unit perform vs the high performing Intel processors on the market and how will it perform vs the older Phenom? Let´s take a look. About AMD: Over the […]

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USB Geek USB Frog Mouse

Thoughts on the USB Frog Mouse @font-face { font-family: “Cambria Math”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”,”serif”; }.MsoChpDefault { font-size: 10pt; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } USB Geek is re-seller of many USB-gadgets. Their product range includes devices from many manufacturers. You can find almost everything which […]