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Thermaltake Element S Case

First Look at Thermaltake Element Case When I choose a computer case, I am often drawn towards a couple of things: good looks and cool features that will make building and using the computer enjoyable. Thermaltake, makers of a wide variety of computer products, sent us a sample of one of their new cases, the […]

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Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Video Camera

Toughts on the Hawking Video Camera Recently we had the change to check out Hawking’s HomeRemote Pro Home Automation Starter Kit and were impressed by the easy installation and intuitive user interface. As mentioned, there are a number of add-on accessories to this system, and today we’ll take a look one such item, the Hawking […]

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Steelseries WoW Mouse

First Look at the WoW Mouse Today we are going to take a look at a new mouse from Steelseries, this mouse has been hard to get due to its popularity. The reason it is so popular is because it’s an official World of Warcraft mouse, what is so special about it then? Lets find out! […]

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Nexus Beamair

Nexus Beamair Testing and Conclusion Fans and cooling are something you should keep in mind when building a computer. There isn’t such a thing yet as a silent yet powerful fan. Nexus has made a new and original attempt to solve that issue. Nexus Beamair is a new kind of fan duct to get everything […]

Geeks Kodak Zi6 Digital Video HD Camera

Geeks Kodak Zi6 Pocket Camera Specifications Like digital still cameras, digital video cameras are becoming smaller yet more capable. Many companies now offer video cameras that can record with HD quality yet also can fit in your pocket. But can these pocket cameras produce decent video, and are they all alike?, popular online retailer, […]

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CM Sniper Case

First Look at the CM Sniper Today we are going to take a look at a new case named Sniper that is manufactured by a sister company to Coolermaster. This case seems to have alot of cool new features like two 200mm fans to keep the case cool so let´s check it out! About CM Storm: Through […]

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Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard

Asus P6T Deluxe Specifications Today we take a look at a new socket 1366 motherboard from Asus. This new board seems to be the new Core i7 badboy from Asus, it is available in different versions that come in different prices. This seems to aim itself vs overclockers mainly and it also has a quite […]

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Evercool RF-8 Rifling 80mm Fan

Rifling Fan Review Case fans come in a wide variety of sizes, with the most popular ones being 80mm and 120mm. But is there any way to squeeze more fan blade area in a standard size fan? Evercool, makers of a wide range of fans, has produced a new product, the Evercool Rifling RF-8 80mm […]

GMC R-4 Bulldozer Computer Case

First Toughts on the GMC R-4 Case Most computer cases on the market nowadays come with a fairly standard set of equipment and have similar layouts. It’s rare that you find a case that offers a unique design. GMC, makers of a wide range of computer components, has developed a new case, the GMB R-4 Bulldozer Computer […]

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Evercool Zodiac Notebook Cooler

Unwrapping the Evercool Zodiac We recently reviewed a small cooler from the folks at Evercool and had mixed results. Today we get a chance to look at another cooler from them, the Evercool Zodiac Notebook Cooler. This larger sized cooler has a couple of hidden features that we didn’t see in the other cooler. Will this be enough […]

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