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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

Introduction When you are in the middle of an intense battle in your favorite FPS game, do you ever wish you could change the sensitivity of the mouse as easily as changing weapons? The NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse allows you to do just that with the press of a button and also has a series of […]

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NZXT Guardian 921 Case

First Toughts With the large number of case manufacturers on the market, we here at don’t get a chance to review every case on the market. But it’s still exciting when we get to evaluate a new company’s case, especially when they offer features that stand out amongst the crowd. Today we get to look at […]

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Evercool Transformer 6 CPU Cooler Review

First look Companies that make CPU coolers try all different tactics to distinguish their products in the marketplace. One of those tactics is to give a product an interesting name.   Evercool, makers of a wide range of cooling solutions for PCs, has a new product, the Evercool Transformer 6 CPU cooler, which promises to show you […]

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Keelog USB Keylogger

Our Toughts Every now and then, the idea of knowing what your friend might type on his computer pops in mind. Keelog has provided us their newest product Keelogger Flash USB keylogger, which saves everything you type on your computer to tiny USB flash memory and allows you to read it whenever you want. The […]

Lian Li Ps-a750gb Powersupply

First Look Now if I asked you guys what Lian Li is most famous for you would probably say aluminum cases which is true; but Lian Li have also been making high quality power supplies for quite some time. Todays test victim is a PS-a750gb PSU from them that we are going to test vs […]

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Thermaltake VI-ON 3.5” HDD Enclosure

Introduction Two causes of hard drive failures can be excessive heat and vibration. So would it make sense to buy a hard drive enclosure that combats both of those failure modes? Thermaltake, makers of a wide range of computer products, has developed an enclosure, the Thermaltake VI-ON 3.5” HDD Enclosure, which offers such protection. Will it prove to […]

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22″ HP Debranded DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor w/USB Hub & Speakers

First Toughts Today more and more change monitors to the latest LCD monitors on the market, even the 19 inch screens are soon to small as the people choose the bigger 22 and 24 inch monitors to have enough work area. Geeks has a huge selection of various LCD screens and today we are going […]

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