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Speedlink VOIP Mouse

Introduction Today’s product must be one of the oddest things we have reviewed ever- and I’ve seen a lot! We are going to take a look at Speedlinks VOIP mouse, this little mouse is the size of a laptop mouse and it opens up to be a corded Skype Phone. You can either receive calls […]

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GELID GC-1 Thermal Compound Review

Introduction When we think about achieving better cooling performance, we often focus on hardware solutions.  However, the quality of the thermal compound/paste that interfaces between the chips and the cooler is another critical factor in getting better cooling performance from your cooler.  Most people I know either use a well-known brand or the generic stuff […]

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Visiontek Radeon HD 4850 Videocard

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a ATI HD 4850 videocard from Visiontek. This card is a middle class card but I have seen stats that show this card should perform as well as many other high end cards on the market. We are going to put it against the Asus 9800GX2 Top […]

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Novint Falcon

Our Toughts Today we are taking a look at a cool gaming device from Novint, named Falcon. This new device will be gamebreaking if the features and hype about it are correct. It is a “mouse” for gaming but it allows you to do so much more with a force feedback function and a free […]

Assassin’s Creed Review for Playstation 3

Our Toughts Assassin’s Creed has been out for a while now, most recently being released for PC, so now is the perfect time to properly review this game with the hype having died down somewhat. Official site: Check out the official website: Link to the site The Story: Please click on thumbnails to get bigger […]

Qpad CT Mousepad

Introduction and Conclusion A few years ago we looked at a few Qpad mousepads and since then these pads have been used by us. I have not been able to find another pad that works as well as these and and because of this we are going to look at the new CT pad which […]

Geeks Axim x51V PDA

Introduction With wireless networks becoming available almost everywhere, a device that can tap into them becomes more handy.  Why lug around a laptop when a smaller PDA with wireless capability will do?, popular online retailer, offers many such PDAs, computer parts, and they sent us a sample of one of the more well-known models, […]

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Thermaltake XaserVI Mx Case

Introduction Today its time for another case review, Thermaltake was kind enough to send us a sample of their XaserVI Mx case for review. This seems to be a nice looking medium tower case if we take a quick overview of it but the question is how good is the quality, and what kind of […]

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n-Tegrity – Fingerprint protected Personal Data Manager

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a USB memory stick from N-trance. They have sent is their latest fingerprint protected USB memory stick which also has software that allows you to backup the information you have on the drive. You can also run Skype and Miranda straight from the drive which gives it […]

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