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Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB

Our Toughts Flash memory has gotten bigger the past year and we have reviewed sizes up to 32 GB already. Today we are going to look at the Flash Voyager GT with 16GB of memory and since it is the GT line it’s supposed to be a bit faster than the ordinary Voyager from Corsair. […]

Sunbeamtech Acrylic Case

Introduction Looking for a case to show off all the hard work that you’ve done modifying your computer? While you could choose cases that have clear side panels, why not go for a case that’s completely see-through. Sunbeamtech, makers of a wide range of computer accessories, offers just such as case. Check out this review of the Sunbeamtech […]

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Razer Lycosa Keyboard

Introduction You might have tried several keyboards but none really feels good. If that’s the case then take a look at todays review; the Lycosa keyboard. This is the latest gaming keyboard which has non slip rubber buttons which probably will come in handy when gaming for hours. It also have backlight for the keys so you […]

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Razer Piranha Headset

Introduction There are a few things you can’t be without when you are a gamer and that is a good mouse and a good headset. Razer can provide you with both and for tonights review they have provided me with the Piranha headset from their latest headphone lineup. This Piranha headset seems exceptionally small and […]

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Asus EN9800GX2 TOP Videocard

Introduction Asus EN9800GX2 TOP Videocard Review Todays review will be about the new 9800GX2 TOP videocard from Asus. This badboy seems to have pretty much everything when it comes to features and speed. You end up paying around 550$ USD for this card so the question remains, is it really worth it or are there […]

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Noctua NH-U9B CPU Cooler Review

Introduction Noctua, makers of some of the best case fans on the market, has branched out into the CPU cooler market, which is a move that makes sense since they already dominate the high-end fan market. They sent us one of their new CPU coolers, the Noctua NH-U9B, to test out. Will this be a […]

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In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Case

Introduction Today we take a look at the InWin stealh bomber case and as the name reveals is inspired from an airplane. Inwin has been in the case market for a long time and they have now started to focus on designed cases which you might see if you take a quick look at their […]

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Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

Introduction With flash memory getting cheaper and capacity getting larger, it makes more sense than ever to purchase a new card for your gaming system or for any other device that takes it. What makes these cards special is that they feature free downloadable Xploder Lite software, meaning that they essentially, and I quote, give […]

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Geeks HP Jornada 728

Introduction Looking for something smaller than a laptop to fulfill your computing needs? Many have turned to handheld PCs as a substitute, but some lack all the features/applications needed., popular online retailer, offers one such device, the HP Jornada 728, which comes loaded with applications in a compact size. Will this device offer the […]

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Spire SP332CB 3.5″ Internal Card Reader

Introduction and Toughts Since the early 90s you may have found a cooler made by Spire in your computers. Spire is known of its cheap CPU coolers which are mainly used in low-end and home user computers. On the other hand, Spire has been well known of its USB Hard disk enclosures. This time, we […]