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AMD Phenom X4 9850BE

Our First Toughts on the 9850BE It was awhile ago we tested a processor so today it’s time again. AMD sent us their second fastest processor that is on the market right now, X4 9850BE. We are going to put this vs our Intel QX6700 that is a bit outdated compared to the faster i7 […]

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In-Win Commander 850W PSU

First Toughts On The Commander 850W Today we get a chance to check out a new power supply manufacturer, In-Win, which is a company that makes a wide range of PC products. They sent us a sample of their latest power supply offering, the In-Win Commander 850W PSU, which boost a military paint scheme. Will this power […]

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Vizo Armada II RAM Cooler Review

Our Toughts on the Vizo Armada 2 As computer performance increases, the need to cool the internal components of the computer becomes greater. While we focus a lot of attention on the CPU, video card, and case fan cooling solutions, another cooling product that is starting to become more prominent are RAM/memory coolers. Vizo, makers of […]

Wii Rockband

First Toughts On The Rockband Kit Tired of singing in the shower and want to show your true rock star talent? Games such as Guitar Hero allow you to become a musician, but none of them provide the full rock star experience as the video game Rockband. Geeks, popular online retailer, sent us the Wii version of […]

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FSP Power Mod 700W Power Supply

Our First Toughts On The Power Mod Choosing a power supply can be a tough choice, with a wide range of suppliers and features for each unit. While power output is important, there are other factors such as efficiency, noise, and even looks that are equally as important. Today we’ll be looking at a 700W power supply […]

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Ace KUC500 Slick Touch Keyboard

Our toughts on the Ace Kuc500 Today we are taking a look at another Ace product, this time we got a keyboard on the test bench. Will this work well together with the Ace mouse we reviewed a few days ago? How will this keyboard work vs Logitech and Microsoft keyboards that have been dominating […]

NZXT Rogue Small Form Factor Computer Case

Our first toughts on the NZXT Rogue Most computer cases nowadays are suffering from a size problem; they seem to be getting bigger and bigger as people find more stuff to put inside them. But what if you’re looking for a case that is easily portable and takes up less space under your desk? NZXT, makers of […]

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Ace Mouse MLUC100 Laser 1600D

Our toughts on the Ace MLUC100 Today we are taking a look at the Ace MLUC100 mouse from Ace. This seems to be a fairly new company on the market but they seem to aim their market on the gamers with high quality products. Lets see what type of mouse they have released for gamers […]

Lian Li PC-9 Computer Case

First Toughts on the Pc-9 We’ve had the opportunity to review a lot of cases here on, but one manufacturer seems to stand out amongst the crowd in terms of quality and reputation: Lian Li. But as the competition gets tougher, everyone needs to elevate their new products to new levels. Today, we get a chance […]

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Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad

Our Toughts On This Device Every now and then various manufacturers publish strange products. Sometimes those products come with great success. Generally those products are fun for a week or two, and then they lie around your cabinet after the purchase. This time we have an opportunity to review Evercool’s Booster wrist cooler. About Evercool: […]