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PQI Intelligent Drive i810 USB Flash Drive

Introduction USB flash drives have become the device of choice for transferring data between computers and other devices.Nowadays, companies are creating USB drives in all different shapes and sizes.PQI, makers of a variety of memory products, have created a USB drive, the Intelligent Drive i810, which is claimed to be the smallest USB drive in […]

PQI S721 microSD Memory Card + Card Reader

Introduction Managing all the various types of memory cards, such as Compact Flash, SD, microSD, etc, can leave you with a pile of card readers and a headache if you lose the one that can read the card you want.PQI, makers of a wide range of memory products, sent us their latest 1GB microSD product […]

Geeks 4-Channel Standalone DVR

Introduction Digital video recorders (DVRs) have revolutionized the way many people watch TV and record video.Their simple interface and small footprint make them a popular choice for your video recording needs.But how about using them for other applications, such as for video surveillance?, popular online computer hardware retailer, offers a standalone 4-channel DVR that might […]

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Logitech Kinetik 15,4 Briefcase

Introduction Now if you are trying to find a laptop bag you will notice it is a jungle out there. I have seen so many types and shapes that that don’t even make sense at all. I got a bag from Logitech though that we are going to test today. The Kinetik case is available […]

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Logitech Quickcam 9000 Pro

Introduction Blury picture, slow framerate updates, or no features? That sounds like many webcameras on the market, Logitech has gotten tired of this and made a new webcam with a Carl Zeiss optics, HD and a 8MP camera. They also have their famous rightlight and rightsound technology featured on this webcamera. About Logitech: Focused on […]

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