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Geeks Century/Centurion CD 200-Pc CD/DVD Organizer Carousel 2-Pack

Introduction We got another computer “part” from Geeks today. They sent us one of their Cd organizer kits. Have you ever had issues with losing cd�s/dvd�s or not finding them when they are needed? Well then this is definitely one product that you should read more about. We got a 2 pack of Geeks Cd […]

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Coolermaster Notepal Infinite Notebook Cooler

Introduction While laptops gets faster they need more cooling to maintain the stability. I have bought myself a new laptop and I have noticed that the new laptops tend have stabilty problems if not cooled down with a external cooler. Coolermaster has therefore released a new cooler for this type of issue and that is […]

Geeks Royal PF70 7” LCD Digital Frame & MP3 Player (White)

Introduction Today we take a look at a Digital Photo frame from a online consumer electronics reseller. We got one of their latest digital picture frames for review and we are going to look at the features it holds and also the quality of the product. About Geeks: Check out their website! General Features: […]

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Supertalent VIDEGO28 MP4 Series

Introduction Today we take a look at a Mp4 player from Supertalent. They just released this player and as far as I know I am the first site to review this product so it will be a world first review on Supertalents Video28 mp4 player. This new player seems to have some astounding features and […]

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Geeks Lite-On DVD Recorder

Introduction Looking to get rid of that old VCR but still can�t find a convenient way to record directly from TV?Much like DVDs have replaced VHS in the rental stores, DVDs can also replace them for home recording use as, popular online retailers and computer parts seller, sent us a sample of one of […]

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Coolermaster Cosmos Case

Introduction Today we are taking a look at Coolermasters latest creation named Cosmos. This midi tower case has loads of new features that other cases lack. Apparently Coolermaster has listened to the consumers and tried to make a case that the consumers request. Lets take a look at this midi tower case to see what […]

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Linksys USB Wireless-Ready Print Server

Introduction With home networks becoming the norm in most households, linking devices such as printers and storage devices to a network would seem to be a popular thing as, popular online retailer of various computer parts, is fully aware of the trend and offers a wide range of networking devices.Today we�ll look at one […]

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Spire JetBlack – SP-7060B Case

Introduction Today we take a look at a very nice looking case from Spire. We got a sample of their new BlackFin case which seems to have some superb air cooling features. We are going to look into how it performs and what type of quality Spire has released this time. About Spire: Founded in […]

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Ideazon Merc Stealth Keyboard

Introduction Looking for an edge when it comes to PC gaming?Well, today we might have the answer as we take a look at Ideazon�s latest gaming keyboard, the Merc Stealth. Ideazon is the creator of the previously reviewed Zboard and the original Merc gaming keyboards that we rated highly.Will this new keyboard bring similar performance […]

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