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Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro Videocard

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a videocard from Visiontek. I got a mail from them where they were offering us a sample of their latest ATI HD 2400 Pro card and of course being the nice guy I am I accepted the offer :). This card is from the new 2000 family […]

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Ultra X3 600W Power Supply

Introduction Date 2007-08-29 Provider: Ultra Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala Ultra X3 600W Power Supply Review Unwrapping the PSU from the protective bag, the first thing you can’t help but notice is that there are no cables attached to the PSU. In other words, the PSU comes with modular cables. Modular PSUs allow PSU […]

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Eksit Power Inverter

Introduction Have you ever been in the situation where you end up in your car and run out of power in your Psp, Ipod, or laptop? Of course you have, and there is a solution to it! Eksitdata have developed a Power inverter which converts the power from the cars cigarette lighter to normal 220V […]

MSI K9N4 SLI Motherboard Review

Introduction Date 2007-08-20 Provider: MSI Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala MSI K9N4 SLI Motherboard Review New sockets and processors are slowly arriving to the motherboard market but the Am2 socket is still the most popular one. Today we are looking at an sample from MSI as they sent us their K9N4 SLI motherboard that […]

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Cellphone Emergency Charger by Eksitdata

Introduction Have you ever been at that point where you are in the middle of nowhere and your cellphone dies? Well fear no more as there is a product that helps you with the issue. Eksitdata sent us a sample of their cellphone emergency charger. This little device is supposed to give you up to […]

Arctic Cooling Mx2 Thermal Compound

Introduction When we think about achieving better cooling performance, we often focus on hardware solutions.However, the quality of the thermal compound/paste that interfaces between the chips and the cooler is another critical factor in getting better cooling performance from your cooler.Today we�ll take a look at a new thermal compound from Arctic Cooling, well-known makers […]

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OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Edition

Introduction Even though DDR3 is slowly coming along we still decided to put out a DDR2 review as they still perform as well as DDR3 ram. Ocz sent us a sample of their latest Reaper kit. Other reviews have praised this ram kit and given it very good reviews so we look forward to sharing […]

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Coolermaster Vortex 752 Cpu Cooler Review

Introduction Got a hot computer? Want a universal cpu cooler that will work with most sockets on the market? Well then you should really read on as we take a look at a Cpu cooler from Coolermaster today. We got their latest creation that they named Vortex 752. This cooler unit works with both Intel […]

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