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Mushkin XP2-8500 2GB DDR2 RAM Kit

Introduction Today we are focusing our review on a new memory kit from Mushkin. They sent us a sample of their latest XP2-8500 which we will compare vs some other high performing memory kits on the market. Mushkin is well known for their high performing ram kits so this will most certainly be very interesting […]

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ThermalTake BlueOrb FX Cooler Review

Introduction With the new cpu�s you need better coolers, Thermaltake have been one of the big manufacturers on this market for quite some time now. Most manufacturers have made cpu coolers with LEDS these days but Thermaltake have taken it a step further with their newest BlueOrb FX cpu cooler. Their leds are mounted on […]

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Nexus SFM-1000 Vibration Absorbers

Introduction Looking to complete a silent PC build and eliminate as much noise as possible, yet still retain some cooling ability?Often times, case fans can contribute a significant amount of noise, since they are on the outside and usually secured with larger screws that transmit vibration.Nexus, makers of a wide variety of noise-reducing products, has […]

Crucial 2GB kit (1GBx2), Ballistix Tracer DDR2 PC2-6400 memory module

Introduction Everyone looks at the latest memory kits on the market these days to get maximum performance, but to get that you have to being will to part with quite a bit of money. However, there are still good choices when it comes to the “slower” kits on the market. We got what looks like […]

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Apex Sl8600 PSU

First looks Date 2007-04-12 Provider: Apex Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala Apex SL-8600 EPS 600W PSU Review With so many power supply manufacturers, choosing a power supply can be a difficult task.Today we�ll look at a new company in the marketplace, Apex, who has sent us their latest power supply product, the Apex SL-8600 […]

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CoolIT PCI Cooling Booster

Introduction Looking to cool all of PCI cards in your computer but can�t get a fan mounted in the right place?We might have come across the answer, in the form of CoolIT�s PCI Cooling Booster.CoolIT, makers of a wide range of cooling products, has impressed us in the past with their innovative cooling solutions.Will this […]

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Ultra Grid Computer Case + XVS 700W Power Supply

Introduction When I see a computer case bundled with a power supply, I�m often suspicious of the quality of the power supply, since many times you�ll get a cheap supply that barely meets your power needs.Ultra, makers of a wide range of computer accessories, offers an industrial looking case called the Grid, which comes with […]

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SteelSeries S&S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Introduction It’s not uncommon today for hardcore gamers to pump out $100 dollars on a mouse catered towards them.They offer everything from higher dpi, and more buttons to on the fly adjustments.But, are you going to get all of your money out of that brand new mouse when you’re still using some foam mouse pad […]

Ideazon Reaper Optical Gaming Mouse

Introduction Ideazon who is most known for their Zboard Gaming Keyboard, has released a gaming mouse on the market also named Reaper. We got a sample of this in the mail and were excited to test this mouse out in our gaming tests. Can this mouse compete with for example Razer�s Deathadder? About Ideazon: all […]

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