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Ultra X-Finity 800W Power Supply

Introduction Date 2007-03-29 Provider: Ultra Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala Ultra X-Finity 800W Power Supply Review As computer performance increases and more peripherals get added, the need for a well-performing power supply becomes more crucial.Gone are the days where 300W power supplies were the average; manufacturers continue to boost the outputs to keep up […]

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Titan NB-204 2,1 Traveling Speakers

Introduction A few days ago we looked at a mini speaker system from Titan. Today we will look at a Traveling speaker system instead, and what I understand this is supposed to have a bit more “boom” to it. It comes with two speakers and a small subwoofer so hopefully this can perform a bit […]

Titan PT-101 2.1 Mini Speaker

Introduction Have you ever thought of how bad the actual speakers are on a laptops, PDA�s, cell phones, and portable dvd�s just as an example? There are solutions to this problem if you don’t mind a wire or two extra from your device. Titan has brought some cool looking products to the market, for example; […]

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ CPU

Introduction Looking to build or upgrade your computer but don�t want to spend a premium to get the latest system?While AMD and Intel have both moved to producing dual-core processors, there are still great deals available on the higher-end single core, popular online retailer, sent us one of the processors they offer, the AMD […]

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Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb Videocard

Introduction Most of us know that Cebit is going on and new videocards are probably shown there, the 8800GTS is still fairly new and it looks like it might be a excellent choice for most consumers if you look at price and performance. We are going to test this card vs some older high performers […]

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Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 Video card cooler

Introduction Like most other computer components, we�ve seen tremendous gains in the level of video card performance, as manufacturers push the envelope and develop new technology.Unfortunately, along with those gains typically comes an unwanted byproduct- heat.Arctic Cooling, well-known manufacturers of a wide range of cooling products, has developed a new line of passive VGA coolers […]

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Geeks Digital Photo Frame

Introduction In case you haven�t noticed, digital cameras are everywhere, ranging for large professional models to tiny ones that fit on your cell phone.Odds are, if you own one, you have a bunch of digital photos but haven�t gotten around to printing them, which is expensive and time, popular online retailer, sent us a […]

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Razer DeathAdder Mouse

Introduction While there are alot of good mice on the market, they can still be improved upon. Razer has been making gamer mice since I started with computers and that is some time ago, and they have still been able to stay on the market due to their high quality gaming mice. We got a […]

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Super Talent DDR2-1000 PC2-8000 RAM Kit

Introduction With the release of more power-hungry applications like the new Vista operating system and faster processors, there�s no doubt that the need for faster memory modules is growing.Super Talent, a fairly new company to the memory scene, has sent us one of their DDR2 kits, a 2GB PC2-8000 kit, that promises maximum performance in […]

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GoldenMarsmicroSD Memory Card

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2007-03-02 Provider: Goldenmars Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala GoldenMarsmicroSD Memory Card Review Like many things in the computer world, flash memory has gotten faster and smaller as the technology has improved.For example, Secure Digital cards can now be found in �mini� and �micro� sizes that are even smaller than the […]