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MSI RX1950XT-VT2D256E-HD Videocard

Introduction Not everyone has 500$ to put on a videocard, but don’t worry there’s many good quality alternatives for them. The videocard manufacturers provide several different cards in various price classes. Tonight we will look at a card in the middle segment, which sells for around 300$ which is a more afordable price to some […]

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Uniblue SpyEraser

Introduction With the widespread growth of the Internet, there has been a similar growth in the amount of malicious software that is out to track your habits, bug you with pop-ups, and, even worse, steal account numbers and passwords.Uniblue, makers of a wide range of PC software applications, has released a new product, SpyEraser, which […]

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Nexus Frisbee Hard Drive Cooler Review

Introduction Hard drive coolers are becoming more popular as users look to improving hard drive life and preventing the dreadful hard drive failure.As with CPU coolers, hard drive coolers range from being fairly simple to very complex.Today we�ll take a look at the Nexus Frisbee Hard Drive Cooler, which has a simple design yet claims […]

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Silverstone GD01 HTPC case

Introduction Manufacturers have realized that there is alot of money involved in the HTPC business, lately the market has exploded with different types of HTPC cases. Silverstone which are known for good cases and high quality also want to think ahead a bit on the HTPC front. Therefore they have released a case that holds […]

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Vizo MasterPanel

Introduction For review today is another product from Vizo, the Master Panel.What is a master panel you may ask, well it is a device that will allow you to quickly connect either an IDE or SATA drive to your PC without the need of an external enclosure or opening your case.While the concept seems nice, […]

Spire BlackFin Case

Introduction When I choose a computer case, I typically am drawn towards a couple of things: good looks and cool features that will make building and using the computer enjoyable.Spire, makers of a wide variety of computer products, sent us a sample of one of their new cases, the Spire BlackFin mid-tower computer case, which […]

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Coolermaster HyperTX Socket 775 CPU cooler

Introduction With the new Core2Duo processors you might want to get some decent cooling with it. The stock coolers tend to be to loud and still lack in performance and thats why this new cpu cooler from Coolermaster might be a good choice for you. The HyperTX seems to be silent and well performing, therefore […]

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Spire Rocketeer VI 600W PSU

Introduction Date 2007-02-14 Provider: Spire Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala Spire Rocketeer VI 600W PSU Review When choosing a power supply, it can be very hard to find one that excels in both home/office applications that need quiet operations while at the same time provided the raw power needed from a gaming power supply.Spire, […]

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512 Mb Mediaplyer provided by

Introduction In life today, we’re always on the move.It seems like you’re never where you want to be and everything takes longer than you think it will.An MP3 player helps, being able to listen to your music while abyss fully waiting in line at the DMV or maybe you’ll read a book.If you can, maybe […]

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Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 3.0

Introduction Looking for an easy way to increase the performance of your computer that doesn�t involve overclocking or even touching any hardware?Uniblue, makers of a wide range of PC software utilities, has released a new version of their SpeedUpMyPC software package that offers to, well, speed up your computer of course.Will it be as straightforward […]

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