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X-Micro F610 Music Video Player

Introduction Ipod has taken over the market as the biggest mp3 player. Iriver and some smaller companies are trying to keep up and X-Micro is one of them. We got a sample of their latest creation named F610 which is a combined video and music player. With a extremely small design and light weight they […]

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QPAD EC-R Mousepad

Introduction When QPad was a young company I reviewed one of their mousepads. Qpad XXXL gamerpad to be more exact and it ended up being the best mousepad that year. I still personally use it and even have one spare one with a R&B Logo that we got as a gift. Well enough about the […]

OCZ Evostream 600W PSU

Introduction Date 2006-11-20 Provider: Ocz Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala OCZ Evostream 600W PSU Review If you visit this site frequently, the name OCZ should be familiar by now. We�ve reviewed quite a few products from them in the past, everything from high performance RAM to CPU coolers to power supplies.Today we�ll be looking […]

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X-Micro WLAN 11g Combo Finder Adapter

Introduction Wireless LAN is one of the biggest things these days when it comes to home and office neworks. It saves alot of space and trouble when installing a network wherever it is. The problem is that it’s quite expensive but X-Micro has found a smart way to combine a Wifi finder and a USB […]

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Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headset

Introduction With the use of headsets becoming more widespread in gaming and VOIP, choosing a comfortable and capable headset is becoming more important.Icemat, whose mousepads we�ve reviewed in the past, has come out with a line of audio products that are geared towards today�s gamers who demand the best.Today, we�ll look at the Icemat Siberia […]

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VoIP USB Skype Call Forward Box

Introduction These days phone companies are starting to realize it’s time for them to start putting some effort into providing cheap phonecalls through VOIP. The time has ended for having expensive phone lines and paying outrageous per-minute costs to call your relatives or friends. With todays software like Skype and MSN alot of people are […]

Dell PC2100 SODIMM 512MB CL2,5

Introduction Ever sat on your laptop and thought it is just to slow? What can you do about it? Laptops are very limited when it comes to upgrades but you are able to upgrade the ram in a laptop without any problems. Usually you need to remove two screws and pop in the new ram. […]

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Everglide Titan MonsterMat + Mouseglidez

Introduction Today we�ll conclude our brief look at some of Everglide�s gaming products with a review of their Titan MonsterMat mousepad and Mouseglidez mouse feet.So far, we�ve been happy with their attention to the gaming details yet not completely satisfied overall.How will these two products fair?Read on to find out more. About Everglide: Everglide�, based […]

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Zboard Fang

Introduction Zboard focuses on the gamers, they make gaming pads and gaming keyboards. They became quite popular with their Zboard andMerc Keyboard. We got a sample in the mail which we did not know about and it turned out to be their new Fang pad. As we can see on the right picture its a […]

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