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Everglide S500 Headphones

Introduction As the audio in PC games gets more advanced, the demand for high quality sound gear increases along with it.Everglide, known more for their line of mice and mousepads, has come out with a set of headphones, the s-500 Gaming Headphones, which are optimized for the gaming experience.How much of a difference will these […]

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Noctua 120mm Fans Review

Introduction With computer components generating more and more heat, getting rid of the heat is becoming increasingly important.One of the main ways that most computers dissipate this heat is by using fans.Today we�ll take a look at a couple of 120mm fans from Noctua, who claim that their fans offer no-frills performance and quiet operations.Read […]

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Corsair Hx 620W Power Supply

Introduction Date 2006-10-24 Provider: Corsair Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Corsair Hx 620W Power Supply Corsair who are mostly known for their high quality ram have now released a new power supply to match up with the ram. Todays high speed ram sticks need a good power supply with stable rails to be able […]

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Globalsat Tr-101

Introduction These days GPS is every mans product, with more traveling and more stress people use a GPS to find their way around. Now you don’t even need to bring a GPS with you if you use the new product from Globalsat named the Tr-101. Plug in your SIM card from your cell phone to […]

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Steelseries SteelSound 5H v2

Introduction Using a headset is becoming more of an everyday occurrence, with the increased popularity of MMOs and VOIP.Why not improve the experience with a high quality headset?Today we�ll be looking at the latest headset from SteelSeries, the SteelSound 5H v2.We have reviewed products from them in the past and have been impressed by their […]

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ICY DOCK MB124 2.5� HDD Enclosure

Introduction Have an old laptop that still has files on it that you�d like to access?Or does it still have a working hard drive that is sitting idle?If the answer to either question is yes, you might want to consider picking up a 2.5� external hard drive enclosure that will allow you to use that […]

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