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Sansun Galaxy case

Closer look Date 2006-07-31 Provider: Sansun Author: Michael Chiu Editor: Amber Lupala Sansun Galaxy case Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures The front panel opens up to reveal the eight 5.25� drive bays and the one 3.5� drive bay.The panel is secured by magnetic latches which I prefer to other types oflatches.As you […]

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Vizo UFO USB Hub

Introduction Today Vizo has sent a hockey puck for review… no, not really.They have however sent a very odd looking USB Hub called the UFO.Featuring 4 USB2.0 ports with backwards compatibility as well as bus-power, the UFO seems like it may be turn out to be pretty useful. So, read on and find out. About […]

Corsair Nautilus 500 watercooling kit

Introduction Today we are looking at Corsair�s latest water cooling kit, the Nautilus 500.This external water cooling kit is targeted for both enthusiasts and beginning users interested in the enhanced thermal performance water cooling provides.Will it live up to its claims as being easy to install, yet having outstanding cooling performance?Let�s take a look. About […]

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Zalman Cnps8000 CPU Cooler

Introduction Zalman has once again released a new cpu cooler on the market, this time they have put their efforts into releasing a cooler that also fits in smaller cases like HTPC systems. They have made their new CNPS8000 as low as possible and you will see later in the review how low it really […]

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Zalman Zm600-HP Powersupply

Introduction Date 2006-07-19 Provider: Zalman Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Zalman Zm600-HP Powersupply With todays more demanding computers manufacturers have to figure out how to make more and more powerful powersupplies. On top of that they have to perform extremely well with stable rails and also be extremely quiet for the consumer to be […]

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Coolermaster Xcraft HDD Enclosure

Introduction These days people need to get more and bigger drives due to the software taking up more space, and in some cases you might run out of space and therefore there are external enclosures that you can have on the table. These units run with USB2 and today we take a look at a […]

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Coolermaster Rs-430-asaa Power Supply

Introduction Date 2006-07-12 Provider: Coolermaster Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Coolermaster Rs-430-asaa Power Supply We are taking a look at an environmental friendly power supply today that we got from Coolermaster. You should be able to get a very stable power supply that is still without costing a fortune. This all sounds to good […]

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Silverstone Tj07 case

Introduction Today it’s time for us to take a look at a case again and this time we really have something special for you as we are going to review Silverstone Tj07 which is Silverstones new bigtower case that has some awesome features for cooling and normal use. We will take a in depth look […]

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Steelpad 5L Mousepad

Introduction Today we have SteelSeries� latest offering in the mousepad marketplace, the Steelpad 5L.We have reviewed a couple of other SteelSeries mousepads (the 4D and the original Steelpad) and were impressed yet not completely satisfied.Will this latest offering answer all of our mousepad needs?Let�s find out. About Steel Series: SteelSeries is all about gaming. Our […]

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