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OCZ GameXstream 700w power supply

Introduction We all know the Modstream with its modular cables and the Powerstream with superb performance. OCZ has now released the new GameXstream which I guess has taken the best bits and pieces from these power supplies and combined it. I noticed though that they have not used modular cables on this and I will […]

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Uniblue Registry Booster

Introduction Today we take a break from hardware reviews to examine a program that will fix something that is often overlooked yet is constantly in use: your computer�s Windows Registry.Uniblue�s Registry Booster claims that it makes cleaning, repairing, and optimizing the system�s registry an easy process.Does the program live up to its claims?Read on to […]

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Vizo Sleet DDR cooler

Introduction Today I’ll be taking a look at a two new DDR coolers from Vizo.The Sleet series cooler coming in both aluminum and copper are designed to help dissipate the heat from your RAM, improving performance and increasing over clocking ability.So let’s find out what these coolers can actually do. About Vizo: About VIZO VIZO […]

Vizo Gemini Wireless mouse

Introduction Being a gamer I’ve never really liked using wireless mice, they just never seem to be as responsive as a traditional mouse.But today I’ll be doing just that, Vizo has been kind enough to send over their new wireless mouse for testing.Can the Gemini compare to a standard optical mouse of the same DPI? […]

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Speedlink Medusa 5.1 ProGamer Headset

Introduction With todays demand on better sound Speedlink has developed a new pair of headset for the gamers out there. With this headset you get 5.1 surround sound, detachable mic, in-line remote control, and many other things so it really seems like this new headset should perform quite well. We will be trying out these […]

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X-Micro Eva 256 mb mp3 player

Introduction Lately we have looked at several mp3 players and today won’t be any different- X-Micro wanted us to review their new mp3 player. We have got alot of experience with mp3 players now so we know what it takes to be a top-of-the-line product. We will test the audio quality and see what features […]

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Silverstone Nitrogon NT05 CPU Cooler Review

Introduction Today I�ll be reviewing the latest CPU cooler offering from Silverstone- the Nitrogon NT05 CPU Cooler.This horizontal cooler has an attractive design, but will its performance be on par with other CPU coolers? And what application is it better suited for- a silent PC build or a gaming/overclocking build?Let�s find out. About Silverstonetek: SilverStone […]

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Zalman Vf900-cu GPU cooler

Introduction With the faster video cards we get more problems with heat and noise, therefore Zalman has developed this new GPU cooler to be able to keep up with the heat and at the same time they have focused on getting it quiet. The Vf900-CU seems to be a winner but how does it perform […]

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Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus

Introduction Last week, we reviewed Sytrin�s latest PSU, the Nextherm PSU460W, which we found to be a solid performer but didn�t blow us away.Next up is Sytrin�s latest VGA cooler offering, the KuFormula VF1 Plus cooler.Will this Sytrin product leave a more lasting impression?Let�s find out. About Sytrin: Check out their website Specifications: High compatibilities […]

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