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OCZ DDR 3700 Platinum XTC 2GB

ntroduction Today we look at some new memory sticks from OCZ, as we got their new 3700 Platinum XTC kit for testing. They have been able to run this at high speeds with low stock latency. It also has EVP (Extended voltage protection) so you can overclock this kit while running ~3V on the ram […]

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Coolermaster Susurro CPU cooler

Introduction Coolermaster has had a few hits like the Aero cooler and also their Hyper series on the cpu cooler market. However, the biggest problem with them has been that they have been quite loud and that’s what has held the ratings down. Susurro is the name of their latest creation and with a simple […]

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Sytrin Nextherm 460W PSU

Introduction I admit that when it comes time to buy a power supply, I typically lean towards choosing well-established brands.Well, there�s a new kid in town by the name of Sytrin, and today we have their Nextherm PSU460W power supply to review.Let�s see if it holds its own against other PSUs on the market. About […]

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Swiftech Mcx159-cu chipset cooler

Introduction When overclocking the north and south bridge chipsets on the motherboard they usually get quite hot and the stock heatsink or fan is usually not enough to keep them cool and maintain a stable computer. With this problem there are several solutions and Swiftech has released their new chipset cooler to be able to […]

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QTechnology QT-03400G power supply

Introduction Date 2005-04-13 Provider: PCB Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala QTechnology QT-03400G power supply We have looked at a Qtechnology PSU and my reviewer gave it a very good rating so I got kind of curious and wanted to check one out also. I have 400W PSU with a 120 mm blue led fan […]

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Thermalright Hr-05 chipset cooler

Introduction For those of you who must suffer the fate of sleeping in the same room as their computer; it’s important to not only keep it cool, but to keep it quiet.That’s why today I’ll be reviewing Thermalrights new passive chipset cooler, the HR-05.With the use of a single heatpipe, will the HR-05 be able […]

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Coolermaster Nanofusion Thermal Paste

Introduction It has been quiet on the thermal paste front for awhile after Arctic Silver 5 was released. Now though we have a new contender on the market from Coolermaster with their Nanofusion. They are here now to also get into the thermal paste market. Coolermaster has in the past made thermal paste which performed […]

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XKROMA XK-BK1 Computer Case

Introduction At first glance, the XK-BK1 computer case which is made by XKROMA, is a striking case.With its mirror-like chrome finish and colored LED fans (front and side fans included), the case certainly stands out in a room.However, despite its striking exterior, its modest interior and lack of features do little to distinguish this case […]

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Swiftech Mcx775-v Socket 775 Cpu cooler

Introduction The socket 775 P4 seems to have gotten a bit more popular lately as the cooler manufacturers have been producing new cooler for this specific socket. Swiftech has been the leading company in extreme air and water cooling for ages now. We are going to take a look at their latest cooler for socket […]

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