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Sapphire X1900XTX 512mb video card

Introduction The X1900 series just entered the market right before Cebit and we can now find them for prices around 600$USD which is quite for the best model named XTX, but we have a review sample here that we will share our thoughts about though as I know that alot of people will still go […]

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Microcool Northpole XE

Introduction For review tonight is Microcools NorthPole XE whisper.Serving not only as a chipset heatsink for AMD and Intel, the Northpole XE can also be used as a CPU cooler for socket 479.With a noise rating of under 18dB the Northpole XE should be able to keep the core cool without being heard.Read on while […]

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Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

Introduction Thermaltake sent us their new creation called the Matrix VX. This is a brand new case that is supposed to be very light. The weight without a power supply and parts is actually only 3.8kg which is very little compared to other cases. My question is what have they cut down on to be […]

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Zalman Cnps9500 AT S755 Cpu cooler

Introduction In the past we have reviewed the CNPS9500 LED cpu cooler from Zalman that has superb performance. It had a universal clip so you could mount it on pratically all sockets. Zalman has now released a AT version if this cooler that is specially designed for socket 775 only. A quick look at the […]

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Swiftech Mcres micro watertank

Introduction Swiftech is one of the leading companies in the water and air cooling business. We have seen awesome products from these guys in the past both in water and air cooling. Today we will take a look at a Micro reservoir from them, apparently it’s suppposed to be able to be mounted anywhere and […]

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Gigabyte X1600 XT 256MB video card

Introduction The new X1600 is supposed to be a middle class card on the video card market, and we recieved a sample from Gigabyte to benchmark. A sample of their new X1600XT card was deleivered to us and we will today share our thoughts with you guys (and girls) out there. This video card is […]

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Albatron 6600 512Mb revealed

Introduction The product: The product came in a standard Albatron box with their name printed on the side. They also always have a woman of somekind on their video card boxes. On the back you can read about the card and its features and specifications.

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