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Coolermaster Mars CPU cooler

Introduction Todays Cpu�s tend to get quite hot even though both Intel and Amd work to make cooler cpu�s. For this you need a good cpu cooler that is able to keep your computer cool and stable. These are not to hard to find but most people have another criteria they want to look for […]

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Rosewill RCX-Z3 CPU Cooler Review

Introduction As today�s processors crank out more performance and heat, you really need to pay attention to the temperature of your CPU and therefore the performance of your CPU cooler.Rosewill, makers of a wide range of computer components, has developed a new CPU cooler, the RCX-Z3, which certainly has a size advantage over much of […]

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XFX Geforce 7800GTX video card

Introduction These days most dream of the new 8800 Geforce cards, but few can afford to pay 600$ for a videocard. Therefore we decided to make a review again of the older 7800GTX card. Are you still able to get out good performance out of this card and is it really worth paying out the […]

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Anydrive 3 MP3 Player

Introduction Nowadays, mp3 and other digital audio players are everywhere, each offering mostly the same basic functions in different shapes and sizes.With big-named companies like Apple and Microsoft in the mp3 player business, products have to come up with creative features to make a name for themselves.Merconnet, popular online retailer, sent us one such �unique� […]

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SteelSeries SteelSound 4H Headset

Introduction Today we conclude our look at the new SteelSeries SteelSound headsets with a review of the SteelSound 4H headset.We�ve been impressed so far with the quality and comfort of the two other headsets recently reviewed, the 3H and the 5H v2.Will this headset suffer from being the �middle child� syndrome?Let�s find out. About Steelseries: […]

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SteelSeries SteelSound 3H Headset

Introduction Improving upon a successful produce line is usually hard to do.Steelseries, makers of a wide range of gaming accessories, is attempting to do just that with the release of two new SteelSound headsets that offer different features than their already successful SteelSound 5H v2 headset.We are fortunate enough to get an opportunity to test […]

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Icemat Siberia Headset

Introduction Mike reviewed Icemat Siberia In:Ear a few weeks ago and he thought they were a pretty good set of earphones. I got the chance to try out their headphones this time. The gaming market is growing so fast these days and you need a good set of headphones/earphones to be able to keep up […]

OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 Platinum SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel Memory

Introduction More demanding games and software forcees the hardware manufacturers to make faster products, of course the ram is an important part of the computer and today we will review one of these memory kits from OCZ. Their memory has performed extremely well in our previous tests and it will be interesting to see if […]

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Vizo Ninja Notebook Cooler Review

Introduction Like most desktop PCs, a typical notebook PC nowadays is using more power and thus is creating more heat.In response to the heat, many companies are starting to offer notebook PC coolers designed to provide additional cooling capability.Today we�ll be looking at the Vizo Ninja Notebook cooler, which advertises itself as a noiseless heat […]

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Coolit Freezone Cpu cooler

Introduction For a long time now watercooling has been an effective way of cooling down your computer and many have started using it. The problem is mainly that it’s hard to maintain and also the trouble of installing it. Some have even added on Tec�s or peltiers as they are called to combine and get […]

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