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Corsair Twinx2048-4000PT

Introduction Tonight we have a 2gb memory kit called Twinx2048-4000PT from Corsair. This is a sample from their popular Twinx series and we were able to get a 2gb sample to see how it performs. With todays more demanding games and software people are starting to buy more memory to be able to run a […]

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MSI 955X Platinum motherboard Socket 775

Introduction Date 2005-12-17 Provider: MSI Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala MSI 955X Platinum motherboard Socket 775 MSI 955X platinum motherboard is what we have to offer review wise today. This new chipset from Intel will be very interesting to try out. We will compare this card to some older motherboards and also test some […]

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Creative Webcam live! motion

Introduction The webcam market seems to be on hold at the moment, we do not see to many webcameras out there. Creative recently released their new webcam though, and we got our hands on a sample of it. The Live! Motion webcam seems to have some cool features such as panorama pictures, face tracking, etc… […]

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OCZ DDR 3200 2Gb Gold GX XTC

Introduction We checked out the fairly new GX series from OCZ and it�s fast we all know that from previous reviews, at least when it comes to the 1Gb kits but what about the 2Gb kits? We got a sample of the new 2GB kit from them that we will be looking closer on today, […]

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Everglide G-1000 Gaming Mouse

Introduction When it comes to gaming hardware, I always prefer performance over looks.Everglide, makers of gaming peripherals, offers a gaming mouse, the g-1000, which has an understated appearance that isn�t going to win any beauty contests.But how does it perform in the heat of battle?That�s what we�re here to answer. About Everglide: Everglide�, based in […]

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Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Cpu Cooler Review

Introduction Today I’ll be taking a look at Arctic Coolings new Freezer 64 Pro, with revisions over the Freezer 64 promising better cooling with even less noise.How will the new version fair up to the much bigger and more expensive CNPS7000 from Zalman.Stick around, let’s see exactly how well it fairs. About Arctic Cooling: Who […]

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Dangerden 12V waterpump

Introduction When it comes to watercooling the Eheim and Hydor pumps have been the leading ones on the market. Swiftech and Dangerden both have released their own pumps and today we take a look at a 12V pump from Dangerden that we just received for testing. The problem before with 12v pumps have been that […]

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Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard 4000

Introduction We checked out a mouse/keyboard kit about a week ago and today we have another keyboard from Microsoft. I have always been a fan of the natural keyboards and was sad to see when Microsoft released the less natural keyboard, but boy was I wrong. Awhile back they released this Ergonomic keyboard 4000 that […]

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