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Nvidia 7800GT

Introduction Well most of us know about the new Nvidia card that was just released on the market so we thought it’s time to check out the 7800 card and see how it does performs vs the 6800 and some ATI cards. We have taken this unit and thoroughly tested it in gaming, overclocking, and […]

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Hiper Alloy Keyboard

Introduction We have looked at several power supplies from Hiper lately but today we have something that is a bit different, it’s their alloy keyboard. There are alot of keyboards out there so what question is; what makes this stand out from the rest? Is it nice to type on and is it quiet? These […]

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Sunbeam Trio case

Introduction Evening everyone, we have another case review coming up for you readers. We have received a nice sample of Sunbeams latest case called Trio. This seems to have some neat features with blue light meters in the front that shows the fan speed, temperature, etc so it seems to be pretty cool. We will […]

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Thermaltake Aquabay M2

Introduction Earlier we looked at the M1 water level indicator and today we have the M2 radiator from Thermaltake here that is mounted into a 5,25 slot. This is space saving when you can mount a radiator in the 5,25 slots and making it easy as Thermaltake has done in this case seems to be […]

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Hiper Typer R 580W power supply

Introduction Date 2005-08-13 Provider: Hipergroup Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Hiper Typer R 580W power supply We looked at a decent power supply from Hiper already before and today we have another one for you, it’s their modular power supply that really seems to be a quality product with 20.18A on the 12v rails […]

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Thermaltake Aquabay M1

Introduction We got a cool little gadget from Thermaltake here on our test bench today. They sent us their new water level and flow indicator. This gadget is mounted in two 5.25 slots in the front of the case, and helps you to see the waterflow and the water level in your system. It’s the […]

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Xuke Mp600 mp3 player

Introduction I have not taken a look on mp3 player for awhile but today it’s time again. I got a flash based player from Xuke on the test bench today. At the first look it seems to be a very small player with decent battery time but how about the sound quality and the accessories? […]

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Hiper Hpu-4m480 power supply

Introduction Date 2005-08-01 Provider: Hipergroup Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Hiper Hpu-4m480 power supply I’ve gotten a lot of requests to review Hiper power supplies, so today we have one of their 480w supplies on our test bench. Hiper got in touch with us and offered a review sample so we are going to […]

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