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Asetek Antarctica Socket 775 waterblock

Introduction Asetek Antarctica Socket 775 waterblock Well it’s time for a long awaited review here at rbmods! I have got alot of requests to review this new waterpump from Asetek. You might have seen it before, it’s a new 12v waterpump which has a built in tank also in the pump, this really seems to […]

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Coolermaster Mini Aquagate

Introduction Watercooling is usually in the way and takes up alot of room in the case, therefore many leave it and just concentrate on air cooling. I got a new exciting product from Coolermaster though that is a waterblock and radiator all in one system. It’s a very small watercooling kit but it still includes […]

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Coolermaster Hyper6+ cpu cooler

Introduction We will look at a really big heatsink today, we got a nice sample from Coolermaster on their latests Hyper6+ cpu heatsink that works on pretty much all sockets. My first thought on this was that it’s big and after opening the package I saw the “monster”. You have a universal mounting system as […]

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Coolermaster Notepal Notebook cooler

Introduction Today we are taking a look at a notebook cooler which is from CoolerMaster. Todays notebooks\laptops have a tendency of heating up very easily, especially during the summer due to the fast, yet heat producing hardware in them. CoolerMaster sent us their NotePal Cooler which has a nice looking aluminum finish and it’s equipped […]

Gigabyte Ga-K8nxp-sli motherboard

Gigabyte Ga-K8nxp-sli motherboard Date 2005-07-03 Provider: Gigabyte Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Gigabyte Ga-K8nxp-sli motherboard SLI motherboards are getting more and more popular as the video card prices go down, we got a sample from Gigabyte called K8nxp-sli which we have had on our test bench and thoroughly tested it with both benchmarking and […]

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