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Coolermaster RS-550 power supply

Introduction Date 2005-06-29 Provider: Coolermaster Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Coolermaster RS-550 power supply Another power supply review is coming up, tonight we will look at the Rs-550 PSU from Coolermaster. We know that there are many good power supplies out there and it’s hard to compete with Antec, OCZ etc but I know […]

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Thermaltake Tenor

Introduction Today it’s time to take a look at a home theater PC case. Thermaltake has as we know a wide variety of cases and they also have made a HTPC case (Home theater PC) which you can use by your home theater system to be able to play music, movies, etc without having to […]

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Seasonic Ss-600ht 600WPSU

Introduction Date 2005-06-21 Provider: Seasonic Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Seasonic Ss-600ht 600WPSU It was awhile ago we looked at a Seasonic power supply, a few days ago we got their new PSU the SS-600HT power supply at a whopping 600W. We have decided to compare this to OCZ Powersteam and a Coolermaster supply […]

Zalman Zm80d-hp Noiseless VGA cooler

Introduction Fanless cooling solutions are very popular these days, people want quiet yet effective computers that are able to take some heat. Zalman has specialized in fanless solutions and today we have their latest vga cooler which consist of two big heatsinks connected to each other through two heatpipes that go on each side of […]

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Ocz DDR PC4800 2*512mb Platinum series

Introduction The memory review we have in front of us today should be very interesting, this ram has already been reviewed by several sites and had very high overclocking results. The name of the kit today is OCZ DDR PC4800 Platinum, which you might have read about already but today rbmods will take their shot […]

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Thermaltake Beetle

Introduction Hello chaps, today we have another Thermaltake cooler on the testing bench. This time it’s their Beetle cooler. The design on it may scare away a few people but I think that most of them like the look. Anyway, it must be the craziest look I have ever seen on a cooler so far […]

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Sunbeam NUUO 500W

Introduction Date 2005-06-02 Provider: Sunbeam Author: GooGeL Editor: Princess Ammie Sunbeam NUUO 500W Hello, today we are going to have a closer look at the so called modular power supply which is becoming more and more popular these days. This time we have a power supply from Sunbeam, it’s a newly released series. It’s the […]

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