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Mushkin 1Gb XP4000 Redline memory

Introduction Today we have the Redline series memory that we are going to test. Mushkin sent us a nice kit with two 512 mb sticks that are called Xp4000 Redline. This is the new kit from them and it’s supposed to be able to perform and overclock very well so it will be very interesting […]

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Ocz DDR 3200 2*512mb Titanium series

Introduction We all know that OCZ has made themselves very famous for reliable and fast memory and they just released this Titanium series that is supposed to be stable for servers, gamers etc. We got a sample of their dual kit to try out to see how it performs and if it really is as […]

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Thermaltake Sonic Tower

Introduction Hello fellows, today we are having a closer look on a total passive cooling solution for your processor from Thermaltake. The cooler’s name is Sonic Tower and you will probably be amazed of its size if you get one of your own. Have fun reading the review! About Thermaltake: You can check up their […]

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Gigabyte GV-RX80256D Pci Express video card

Introduction Another video card review at Rbmods tonight, we have a heavy weight card from Gigabyte in the left ring corner with a silent pipe cooling technology that weighs in at an amazing 400 grams. Can it stand up against the other “heavy” weight cards in the right ring corner? Seriously yes, we will take […]

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Ocz Powerstream 520w

Introduction Date 2005-05-05 Provider: Ocz Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Ocz Powerstream 520w I still love my Modstream power supply from OCZ but today there might be something that will change that feeling. We got a new “monster” power supply named Powerstream from them for review and this product really seems to be able […]

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Connect3d X700 Pro PCI-E video card

Introduction Which video card should I get might be the biggest question you are asking yourself. Today we have a X700 Pro video card from Connect3d which seems to be a very nice card for a small amount of money that can still perform very well. We will compare this to a normal X700 card […]

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