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Corsair COOL Water Cooling kit

Introduction Hello chaps, today we are going to have a look at another water cooling kit. This time it’s a complete kit from Corsair, Which most of us already know as a company that produces high quality and high performance memory. So both you and I have really high expectations that this is going to […]

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Swiftech Mcb-120 Radiator holder

Introduction Not enough space in your case for a water rig? Don’t want to mod the case to get space? Then check this review out as we have a radiator holder from Swiftech on the test bench tonight. This little gadget is mounted on the back of the case on a fan slot and you […]

Bitrate Sf403ex Mp3 player

Introduction Mp3 playres are really a hit these days and the size matters as people want something small that they can have around their neck or in their pocket. There are alot of differnt mp3 players both big and small but this new player from Bitrate seems to have it all with great sound and […]

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Evercool HPC-925

Introduction Today the use of aircoolers in most cases heat pipes to help transfer away the heat faster from the bottom of the cooler to the top that the CPU generates; Or they look and work like the HPC-925 that we are reviewing today. This is the first time I have ever touched on a […]

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Ocz DDR 3700 Rev3 Gold

Introduction OCZ does not need alot of presentation as we all know already they make great ram and power supplies. We got a nice looking dual memory kit from them for a review consisting of 1 GB 3700 rev 3 gold ram that we will look at more tonight. We will have a nice comparison […]

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