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Zalman VF700-Cu

Introduction Today we are looking at a very cool designed GPU cooler from Zalman, the name of that cooler is VF700-Cu. Today I will also try to pick a winner between this cooler and the Arctic NV Silencer 5, it has been a big debate between these two coolers for a long time now in […]

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Sunbeam Night Magic, Lazerled, Led Projector

Introduction Well Sunbeam is a well known company on the modding market these days, and today we have a few “flashy” products from them on our test bench. There is the already known Lazerled but also the Night magic and Led projector which are new products from them. If you want to ”flash up” your […]

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Alphacool Cora6 Radiator

Introduction We have radiators in our watercooling rigs but when I say this looks like THE RADIATOR I don’t think I’m lying. We will like at the Cora 6 radiator from Alphacool which is a huge radiator that you are supposed to be able to run it without fans and still keep a good temperature. […]

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QTechnology QT-03460G Papst Series

Introduction Date 2005-02-19 Provider: PCB Author: GooGeL Editor: Princess Ammie QTechnology QT-03460G Papst Series Todays computers demands more and more powerful power supplys than back in the old days. At the same time the quality of the components in todays power supplys have to be absolutley top notch. Let us not forget that it also […]

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Trust Dv 3400v Power cam video

Introduction A small digital video camera is what we can sum this review up with. We have a digital video camera from Trust tonight that we will take a closer look at. It’s their latest 3MP DV 3400V Power cam which seems to be a decent camera, both sizewise and pricewise also. We will look […]

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X-Micro Musepod mp3 player

Introduction Well mp3 players are popular these days we all know that. There are flash bashed ones for people that want a small mp3 player and then there are those people that want tons of space. That’s when the harddrive based mp3 players come in. We have a Musepod from X-Micro that we will be […]

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Sunbeam Wherever PCI Rack

Introduction No more room in your hard drive cage? Need more cooling on your video card, PCI card or chipset? Maybe this is the savior of the day! About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company, launched as a promising new company in the field of optoelectronics in 2000, specializes in developing cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) which mainly […]

Vantec Serial ATA PCI Host Card

Introduction Serial ATA is growing bigger and bigger today. It’s going to replace the old fashion Parallel ATA which is slow and has these big clumsy cables. The only frontline today that hasn’t been developed and getting faster and faster at the same rate as graphic cards for example are hard drives. So the Serial […]

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Sunbeam Minibaybus

Introduction Have you ever thought of getting rid of a bunch of extender cables etc out of your case? Well this product might help you with it! We got a Minibaybus from Sunbeam for testing and you just plug in your molex connector and power this up and it gives you four connectors you can […]

Sunbeam Thumbscrews

Introduction Thumbscrews are usually included with cases these days but some manufacturers have started to make shaped thumbscrews to give your case a more special look. We have three different thumbscrews from Sunbeam which have three different motives that we will give you a short review on today. About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company , launched as […]