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Razer Diamondback mouse

Introduction We have seen the Viper and the Boom slang from Razer before and now they are once again out with one new cool looking mouse. The Diamondback is now on our test bench so we can give our thoughts and feelings on this mouse. It has got some great reviews already so will we […]

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Waawoo Wowpen

Introduction Well we review pretty much anything and today is the first time we are reviewing a pen mouse. We got a sample from Waawoo on their latest product which we will test tonight. Pen mice have not been so popular so it will be interesting to see how this mouse works. If you are […]

Ocz Modstream 450w

Introduction Date 2005-01-29 Provider: Ocz Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Ocz Modstream 450w Today we have a really cool looking power supply on the test bench. OCZ sent us their new Modstream which you can change the power cables on. You can add more power cables or remove cables depending on what you use. […]

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X-Micro 512 mb USB2 memory stick

Introduction These memory sticks or flash sticks as they are also called have gotten very popular and slowly taken over the work floppy disks used to have. What is so good with these is that you can store up to a few gigabytes on them and just connect them to the computer and run them […]

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Mutantmods from Startech

Introduction Well you have seen tons of reviews on different modding products and we have a few more modding products here also that we thought we should share our thoughts on. Mountainmods sent us a bunch of their modding products that we have put into one review so you can easily go through it and […]

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Dangerden Tdx775 waterblock

Introduction Well the new socket 775 from Intel does not have that many coolers yet to it. We have one waterblock from Dangerden on our test bench today that fits this new socket. It’s the TDX 775 waterblock that we will test against the Asetek Antarctica block in both normal use and overclocking. About Dangerden: […]

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Sunbeam Lightbus, Chameleon, Led fan and CCFL

Introduction Well today we take a look at a bunch of modding products from Sunbeam. We will test them out and see how well they work and if they stand out from the thousands of other modding products out there on the market. We have some interesting fan controllers and CCFL to look at tonight. […]

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Vantec EZ swap MRK-200St-Bk

Introduction As our harddrives get faster and faster we need better cooling on the harddrives of course. Vantec has just released their new SATA EZ swap harddrive holder and cooler. It’s basically a harddrive rack with some new features as LCD display and SATA etc. We will see how this can perform with a brand […]

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