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Ocz DDR Booster

Introduction You might have seen this little gadget that we will look at on other websites lately. We have a DDR booster from OCZ which boosts your memory voltage so you can overclock some extra. Well does it work? That is what we ar here to find out so stay tuned. About Ocz: Entering the […]

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Liutilities Wintask Pro 5

Introduction We don’t look at software to often here at Rbmods but today we have something we think you guys (or girls) will enjoy. We have a sample of Wintask Pro5 from Liutilities and this programs removes trojans, viruses, spam, and all those annoying little programs installed on your computer that you never wanted on […]

Nexustek Disktwin HD silencer

Introduction Well we have a small review today for you. We have a new product from Nexustek on the test bench. They sent us a sample of their Disktwin product which is a hard drive silencer that is supposed to silence the vibrations and also cool the disk a bit with the built in heatsinks. […]

Swiftech Mcw6002-64 waterblock

Introduction Today it’s time to look at a waterblock from Swiftech. We have one of their better waterblocks on the test bench tonight. MCW6002-64 is the block we will be testing today. It’s a fairly new block and it seems to be able to cool of pretty well after you look at the specifications and […]

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NU DDW-163 Dual layer DVD burner

Introduction Dual layer dvd burners are slowly getting more popular but the problem is that the media is still expensive. I was not able to get ahold of an empty dual layer dvd so we have done read testing and a few test burns with this product. If you are in the market for a […]

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X-Micro Bluetooth printer adapter (combo)

Introduction Do those cables all over your computer space bug the crap out of you? Well look at this product then as we will check out a Bluetooth adapter for your printer. This way you don’t need that stupid printer cable all over the house. You can connect all your computers to this device if […]

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Anydrive Car Mp3 FM Transmitter

Introduction Today we will look at something that will probably interest alot of people. We have a FM transmitter which you can connect your USB memory pr mp3 plyer to and it sends FM signals so you can listen to your mp3 songs on a radio station. This seems to be very easy to setup […]

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Mushkin 1Gb P2c4200 DDR2 dual memory

Introduction Time for some sweet memory again. We have a new sample from Mushkin on the test bench. We will look at their latest DDR2 memory called P2C4200 and the sample we got is a 1024 mb one. We will as usual compare it to some other memory and give you some overclocking stats. The […]

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