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Wisetech flash usb cables

Introduction Well what is there left to mod? The cables of course. Tonite we have some led cables on our review bench for testing. They seem to be high quality cables so we will see how good they really do work. Stay tuned if you are in the market for some led cables. About Wisetech: […]

Albatron Px915g Pro Socket 775 motherboard

Introduction Date 2004-07-28 Provider: Albatron Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Albatron Px915g Pro Socket 775 motherboard This is an interesting product we will have a look at today! We have a new Intel Socket 775 motherboard on the test bench. It comes with PCI express for example which is supposed to take over after […]

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Dangerden TDX AMD waterblock

Introduction We have seen Maze4 and RBX blocks from Dangerden already and tonite we have their new TDX block at our test bench. We are going to test this block out under normal usage and overclocking while of course. This block to me seems very small and I cannot see how it could compete with […]

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Alphacool Watercooling Basic set 80

Introduction Tonight we have a nice little waterkit on the test bench. We recieved a Basic 80mm waterkit from Alphacool to try out. This kit seems to be able to be squeezed into most computers as it’s very compact. We will as always test,get some overclocking and stock speed temperatures and then conclude by comparing […]

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Belkin wireless11g network card

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2004-07-13 Provider: Belkin Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Belkin wireless11g network card Wireless…. yes got to love that word. No cables and a nice clean floor. Tonite we have Belkins wireless 11G network card on the test bench and we will do some speed testing on this product to see […]

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Thermaltake Polo12 kit

Introduction Date 2004-07-10 Provider: Thermaltake Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Thermaltake Polo12 kit You guys have probably read about this Polo12 kit from Thermaltake; am I right? Well it’s a kit that has everything you need for a quiet computer. You get a powerful 120 mm fan, fan controller, quiet power supply for example, […]

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Belkin wireless printer server

Introduction Ahh the future without cables! Tonite we have a product that will take you one step closer to it as we have a closer look at a Wireless printer server. This little gadget is connected to your printer and thereafter all computers with wireless lan cards can connect to this and print without having […]

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Eksitdata IDE adapter

Introduction Ever had those times when you need to plug a harddrive into your computer just for a few minutes but you are just to tired to open the whole case up and mess eveyrthing up inside? Well then this review might be something for you as we have a IDE adapter that you plug […]

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Trust 1220s powerc@m

Introduction It’s time for a digital camera review again here at rbmods. We got a nice sample of a new Trust digital camera on the test bench. We have their 1220s Powerc@m which seems on paper seems to be a very nice digital camera. It seems to have the features a camera should have these […]

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