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Jensofsweden Mp130 mp3 player

Introduction Once again Jensofsweden has decided to release a new mp3 player. I think this might be a winner if you look on the cosmetic perspective; but we will have to go deeper in and see how it works also. The new player is called Mp-130 and is a follow up to the popular Mp-110 […]

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Albatron Fx 5700 P Videocard

Introduction Tonite will be the first time we will look at a FX5700 card. We will compare it to some similar cards such as 9600XT, FX5600, etc… This will be interesting as we will compare it to so many cards and benchmark them to get a mid-range card winner. Oh yeah…I forgot; we will also […]

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Thermaltake Xtunner fan controller

Introduction Today we are reviewing something that is new to me. We recieved a fan controller from Thermaltake which doesn’t have any fan knobs but is controlled by a remote control. This means you can sit on the couch and control the fans in your computer. Does it work? Well that is what we are […]

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Silverstone SST-30NF power supply

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2004-05-23 Provider: Silverstone Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Silverstone SST-30NF power supply Tonite we will have a very interesting review for you. Silverstone sent us their latest fanless power supply. This will be interesting to see how hot and how well this power supply will perform under load and while […]

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MSI MegaPC 180

Introduction Date 2004-05-20 Provider: MSI Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala MSI MegaPC 180 Tonite we will look into a barebone from MSI. We got a sample of their Mega180 AMD Xp system. This might be something for those that can’t afford a AMD64 system yet. We will benchmark and see what features this small […]

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700L-17 Notebook carry bag deluxe

Introduction This is something you might not see everday on a review site. Trust sent us their new laptop carry bag that we will have a closer look at. This seems to be a very big laptop bag that can take everything you need for a longer trip. We will check how much it fits […]

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Evercool Extended cooling system (ECS)

Introduction This is a new little gadget to me. Evercool sent us a product called extended cooling system which is supposed to keep the fans going after you turn off your computer to cool it down a bit more. Quote: The device will extend DC fan to operate for 5 additional minutes after computer shutdown”. […]

Coolermaster Musketeer 2

Introduction Last year we had the chance to review the Musketeer from Coolermaster. Tonite we have a chance to have a closer look at the second version of the popular Musketeer which this time is called ‘Musketeer 2’. This device is connected to a 5.25 slot and it shows your HDD activity and also the […]

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Trust Bt210 bluetooth headset

Introduction Driving around and annoyned by having to hold your cell phone with one hand and drive with the other? Then this bluetooth headset might be something for you! Tonite we will review the BT210 bluetooth headset that Trust sent us. We will test it and see how it is quality wise and then finally […]

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Iaudio 4

Introduction We have looked at several mp3 players on rbmods and tonite we have another one. It’s a pretty big company called Iaudio that had this sent to us. It’s a small player yet has tons of features and seems to be at first glance a pretty nice player after looking at the specifications. Will […]

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