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Introduction Tonite we have a very interesting review in front of us since we have a DVD-RW drive on the test bench. We will see how it performs with some software and get some dvd burning times etc. Stay tuned as tonite this review gets hot! About NU: Nu Technology Inc. is founded in May […]

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Albatron Fx5900xtv videocard revealed

Introduction Another video card review today for you guys! This time it’s the Albatron Fx5900XTV on the test bench and we will compare it to some other cards on the same speed level. We will test it with a few popular games and benchmark to see how this card can perform. We will not forget […]

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Evercool Cuw8-715 P4 cooler

Introduction It’s time to have a look at a cpu cooler from Evercool today. They sent us their Cuw8-715 cooler for a Pentium4. We will test it vs a Coolermaster cooler that performs very well in our tests and this will show if Evercool has made a good heatsink. About Evercool: Evercool is the top […]

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Adata DDR 2 667 Vitesta

Introduction Specifications: 240-pin small outline DIMM Maximum 5.3GB/s bandwidth JEDEC standard 1.8 +/- 0.1V power supply 64M x 8 component configuration CAS Latency:5 4 Bank Off-chip driver (OCD) impedance adjustment, and on die termination (ODT) The product: Since A-data started their business I have been curious about their ram and today I have the chance […]

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Microol chipset heatsinks

Introduction When your pushing your motherboard @ 260+Mhz FSB you need to keep the Northbridge cold, the stock heatsink just won�t cut it, especially if its small and passive, this is where the �Microcool Nothpole� come in. About Microcool: Microcool has been created as a European company for the design and implementation of products formulated […]

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X-Micro Router and PCMCIA adapter 11G

Introduction We reviewed some wireless stuff from Xmicro awhile back and now we recieved their upgraded versions of their wireless router and PCMCIA card on the test bench. X-Micro WLAN 11g+ Router 108Mb is something that will be very interesting to see since this should be very fast. This will be very intresting to see […]

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Superflower Fanmaster (SF-609)

Introduction This seems to be the nicest fan controller we have reviewed after having a quick look at it but will it be able to pass our testing on the test bench. Yes, tonite we have a fan controller here at Rbmods and it was sent to us by Superflower and it’s called “Fanmaster”. Let’s […]

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Thermaltake Wingo V7000 case

Introduction Tonite it’s time to look at a popular case from Thermaltake. They sent us their Wingo V7000 case which is loaded with nice features and gadgets. This will be very interesting to see since Thermaltake is known for making high quality products. We will see if this case will hold up to the high […]

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Articsilver 5 Thermal Paste Review

Introduction and Conclusion I have been a fan of artic silver for quite a long time. My first experience with artic sliver was with AS3, just applying it instead of standard generic goop decreased my temperatures by a significant amount.. I have been using the same tube of AS3 for well above a year now […]

Silverstonetek TJ-04 case

Introduction Case time once again and there is even more to come 🙂 Tonite though we have a nice case from Silverstonetek that will be tested on the test bench. This is a pretty big and heavy case but seems to still have nice features. Let’s check it out closer. About Silverstonetek: SilverStone is the […]

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