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Sunbeam fan grills and thumb screws

Introduction Today it’s time to look at some mod products again. This time we have some fan grills and thumb screws from Sunbeam. We will look closer into the quality and see how they look installed. Let’s get started. About Sunbeam: Sunbeam Company, launched as a promising new company in the field of optoelectronics in […]

Eksitdata HDD Vibration Absorbtion & Case Fan Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad

Introduction Today I will be looking at a �Hard drive vibration damper� and a �Case fan anti-vibration Rubber Pad� both from Noise Isolator. Both these products aim for a quieter computer. About Eksitdata: EksitData is a company in Varberg that was founded in the fall of 1997. Our clientele comprises everybody from the home user […]

Swiftech Mcx159-r chipset cooler

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2004-03-22 Provider: Swiftech Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Swiftech Mcx159-r chipset cooler Ever thought that it might be your chipset that is running to hot for you to be able to overclock a bit more? Today we might have a solution for you! Swiftech sent us this chipset cooler called […]

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Microsoft Wireless Optical desktop pro

Introduction Microsoft has been making awesome keyboards lately and therefore we will have a look at a wirless one which has a mouse encluded. This kit is called the ‘Wireless optical desktop pro’. It’s a black and silver colored kit that is wireless. We will try the keyboard and the mouse in normal day to […]

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Albatron Px875p Pro Motherboard

Introduction Date 2004-03-18 Provider: Albatron Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Albatron Px875p Pro motherboard It’s time for another P4 board to be on the testing bench today. We recieved a sample of an Albatron board called PX875p Pro. It has the Intel 875 chipset and seems to have some nice features also. We will […]

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Chaintech 9PJL Apogee P4 motherboard

Introduction Date 2004-03-14 Provider: Chaintech Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Chaintech 9PJL Apogee P4 motherboard This is our first Chaintech motherboard review. It’s nice to review a new brand and to see what it goes for. Chaintech has made themselves very known lately for quality boards that perform very well. We have one of […]

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Xpcases Fancontroller

Introduction Another fan controller here at rbmods. It’s fan controll testing day 🙂 This one is a fan controller which you install into a floppy drive slot. It’s very small but it’s supposed to do it’s job… but does it? It has two USB ports so you get support for two USB ports and 3 […]

Evercool Fan Controller

Introduction It was awhile ago since we last had a look at the fan controller. Evercool sent us their fan controller so we will have a closer look at it tonite. Fan controllers are very nice products since you can control your fans with them, get a quieter computer, and they also give a better […]

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Eksitdata DAH900 Mp3 player

Introduction Another Mp3 player will be reviewed today it’s the DAH900 mp3 player which was sent to us by Eksitdata. This seems to be a very nice Mp3 player both size and price wise, but will it have enough output and good enough sound quality to get our approval? Stay tuned as we try out […]

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Trust FF380 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Introduction I have always wanted to play car games with a racing wheel that had force feedback and finally I got one from Trust for a review. Trust sent me their FF380 Force feedback steering wheel with pedals and everything. I can tell you that I will try this product with some Need for speed […]

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