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Leadtek FX5900XT video card

Introduction XT cards are cheap but they still perform very well. We will look at a FX5900XT card from Leadtek tonite and we will compare it some other cards that we have reviewed before. This seems to be a pretty good card with alot of games and software that you can test the card with. […]

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Macally USB2 hub

Introduction Well as USB2 is getting more and more popular people are getting more products that require USB 2 ports. Tonight we will have a look at a USB2 hub from Macally. It’s a 4 port hub that can run your products on USB 2. This is a small little hub that will not take […]

Spire SkiveStream III

Introduction CPU coolers have enlarged as with the speed of the processors themselves, this is due to the more complex you make a processor and the faster it runs the more power is required therefore more heat is produced. This leads to us now connecting 600-800g behemoths of coolers to our socket lugs, which I […]

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MSI FX5950 Ultra

Introduction Tonite we are having a look at one of the heavy weight champions amongst video cards. MSI sent us their FX5950 Ultra video card for a little test run. This card seems to be a monster by just having a look at the cooler on the card itself. We will compare it to some […]

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Eksitdata Bios savior

Introduction It’s time to have a look at another product from Eksitdata. They sent us something called a bios savior. It’s a little gadget that can basically save your bios ๐Ÿ™‚ You plug this little chipser holder onto your existing bios socket and it gives you the chance to switch between the bioses. This is […]

Seasonic 350W silent power supply

Introduction Date 2004-02-20 Provider: AMD Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Seasonic 350W silent power supply We will have a look at another power supply tonight. It’s from a company called Seasonic and it has a huge 120 mm fan installed. This is supposed to be a very quiet power supply so that is an […]

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Zalman ZM400B-APF noiseless power supply

Introduction Zalman ZM400B-APF noiseless powerupply We reviewed the “A” version of this power supply awhile back. We recieved this newer version to review so we could make a comparison of these two power supplys. We will look into what is better or worse in the new one. Zalman is well known for their silent products […]

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Sunbeam acrylic UV case

Introduction The modding scene is growing. We can now even find acrylic cases in the stores, however there are different acrylic cases. Sunbeam has sent us their UV reactive acrylic case which we will have a closer look at tonite. You put the case together by yourself which was actually pretty odd ๐Ÿ™‚ First time […]

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Evercool Cuf-715 AMD cpu coooler

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2004-02-12 Provider: Evercool Author: Niko Lupala Editor: Amber Lupala Evercool Cuf-715 AMD cpu coooler Today I will have the honor to make another cooler review ๐Ÿ™‚ It was awhile back since I did one last but we have a few Evercool coolers here and tonite we are having a look at […]

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Dangerden Dualbay reservoir

Introduction I have seriously been looking for a large and good quality water tank for a long time now. Dangerden was nice enough to send over their new product. It’s a dual 5.25 drive bay tank for your watercooling. This tank is about 6 times bigger than my Eheim tank so maybe I will finally […]